Arts and Letters Virtual Chat Service

Virtual Chat will be available Thursday from  

9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm

Thank you for your interest in utilizing this service! Please see below for instructions:

Use the chat to:

  • Ask general advising questions- (ex: “What is the process to add a minor to my record?”, “How do I find my Primary Academic Advisor’s information?” or “How do I apply for graduation?”).
  • Get clarification on a general degree requirement (i.e.- is this course required for this major?, does my major require completion of the Foreign Language Graduation Requirement? is there a minimum grade required in a class?)
  • Get confirmation of an important date on the Academic Calendar
  • Ask about courses for the upcoming semester
  • Change of majors are allowed, except during peak activity such as the first week of Fall and Spring semester, then only students who need to declare a major, or any other urgent situation, which can only be accommodated by the change, will be allowed

Don’t use the chat to:

  • Ask specific questions pertaining to your graduation requirements and/or graduation timeline.
  • Get information about your GPA or course grades.
  • Get an update about a College petition request you’ve submitted.
  • Plan a 4 year timeline or projected graduation date (requires an appointment)

**If your question falls into any of these categories, we encourage you to schedule a full advising appointment via the Success Network by clicking here. **

Getting Started:

  • When you initiate a chat, you will be asked for your email address and Z number. Please have those ready prior to starting the chat.
  • The virtual chat is intended for quick questions. In-depth questions specific to your academic record or degree requirements will not be answered in the online chat system. Students should not share private information regarding their academic record, credentials, or GPA in this chat.
  • If your questions are too detailed for the chat, or you have not had a recent advising appointment, advisors monitoring the chat may opt to:
    • Schedule you for a follow up advising appointment
    • Send you a link to join them in a secured, one-on-one Google Hangout session. **If you are moved to a secured chat with an advisor, you will need your FAU credentials (email and password) to login. Please have these ready to enter immediately if needed.

Please Note: Advisors reserve the right to end a chat or block users due to inappropriate conduct. It is our expectation that only current FAU students with appropriate credentials utilize the virtual chat function. Important: This chat service is hosted through an external vendor. If the vendor’s website is down, this service will not be available during scheduled chat hours.

Ready to join? Please click on the chat box below (please note that you will only be able to access the chat on a date/time that the College of Arts and Letters is monitoring this service).

Need additional information? Problems getting connected? Contact the help desk online by clicking here