Thrive Thursdays

September 28, 2023
Will this need to do things right ever end!? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder aka OCD controls people in the slightest ways possible. It might seem insufferable but with a little bit of support from the people around you, it...
September 21, 2023
The struggle is real. We've all been there, but freshmen may have it harder than just the dreaded Freshman 15. Read about one Owl’s experience with "the Freshman Depression” and how some may face more than just a couple...
September 14, 2023
Dear reader,  YOU ARE AMAZING! Read this letter from a fellow peer on how self-care can help you. Remember, there are a lot of resources out there and your FAU family cares. 
September 07, 2023
College is hard, no doubt about it. But here at THRIVE, we want you to stride. Follow these tips and tricks, and you'll be thriving your way through the fall semester.
Mental Health Tips and Tricks Part II
April 20, 2023
This is a timer app designed for physical health and fitness workouts. It is similar to the 'clock' app on an iPhone, where you can run a timer and keep track of laps.
Ask an Owl: Wellness Tips & Tricks Part I
April 13, 2023
I like the app "HeadSpace." HeadSpace is a mindfulness app used for meditation. It offers guided meditation, sleep meditation, and breathing exercises.
Organization: The Secret Sauce to Undergraduate Success
April 06, 2023
As a senior expected to graduate summa cum laude in May of 2023, I have been reflecting on the past 4 years. Hindsight is 20/20, so it’s easy to see what behaviors have enabled me to succeed and which ones have held me...
Burnout in a Grind Culture
March 23, 2023
How did we manage to turn working non-stop into an aesthetic? We live in a culture that praises people who work extremely hard.
March 16, 2023
How do you know that what you see is real? How do you know that you exist? What do you do when you stop believing things are real? These are the questions I have been faced with for the past two years.
March 02, 2023
I’m not scared of anything. I’m truly not. Phobia’s aren’t real in my life…. I think. Phobias come in different shape and sizes and we many not even notice. Read this article about a student’s experience with...


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