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College is guaranteed to have some ups and downs and, if you’re doing it right and challenging yourself, you can count on stress. FAU Thrive Student webpages are your one-stop shop for tools to build your own mental strength and support your fellow Owls in their journey. Here you can: find support and help for yourself or a friend; apply for a scholarship for community mental health services; learn more about developing mental strength through videos, blogs, and workshops; find out about departments, courses, and research on mental health and wellness; and become part of our Thrive team.



Get Help   Interested in learning more about mental health resources available to the FAU community.

Get Informed   Interested in learning more about mental health ourside of class.

Get Studious   Interested in learning more about mental health in the classroom or in a research setting.

Get Involved   Interested in getting involved with FAU Thrive.


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A ghost dog, a high achiever, sleepiness, and the missing link: Read about one FAU student's early experience living undiagnosed with narcolepsy.

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School is back in session, but for some it never ended. Read more about how some FAU students balanced classes and research this past summer.

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College isn't all milk and cookies, but following these tips and tricks will make developing healthy academic, social, and mental habits during your freshman year a piece of cake.

Michael Berg | May 03, 2022

Graduation is coming. We're ready for it.

Deja Vaughn | April 21, 2022

If you give a college student a kitchen, she's going to discover a passion for cooking. And if she discovers a passion for cooking, chances are she'll never want to stop. Read how one student uncovered a form of self-care right in her own kitchen! ...