Science at Sea

Science at Sea

FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute graduate students recently had the chance to conduct research on the Research Vessel (R/V) W.T. Hogarth.

The ship visited FAU Harbor Branch as it is a member the Florida Institute of Oceanography, which is dedicated to educating the next generation of ocean scientists.

During its stay, Jim Masterson, Ph.D., assistant research professor at Harbor Branch, and 18 graduate students, spent seven hours on the ship collecting data and learning about a research vessel, such as touring the wheelhouse and engine room.

A highlight was "seeing some of the engineering students whose research is more benchtop and lab-focused get really excited about spending time on the water, tending nets and catching live fish, observing zooplankton under a microscope for the first time," said Masterson, adding that this was the first excursion on a scientific research vessel for many of the students.

For graduate student Christopher Spagnolia, it was an "opportunity to expand my experience and understanding of marine science and oceanography. I thoroughly reveled in the moments delivering questions to the gregarious, attentive and skilled crew, more specifically the overwhelmingly complex nature of the engine hull," said the graduate student. "I believe chances like these are integral to the blossoming of a student's outlook on science and networking in relevant occupations, like crewing a R/V."

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