Thesis Research Assistantship Winners


From left, Czdari Lee, Belinda Chen and Christopher Mauer.

Thesis Research Assistantship Winners

Selected Graduate Students Receive Award for Academic Accomplishments

The Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine awarded the graduate thesis biomedical science students, the 2022 summer research assistantships. This competitive award allows students to focus on research activities during the summer, working with a mentor from the College of Medicine.

  • Czdari Lee with mentor Mahyar Nouri-Shirazi, Ph.D., Preexisting immune memory to childhood immunization
  • Belinda Chen with mentor Howard Prentice, Ph.D., Neuroprotective strategies in models of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Christopher Mauer with mentor Massimo Caputi, Ph.D., HIV-1 Infection modulates CD4+ T Cell gene expression to induce a quiescent phenotype

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