When to Submit to IRB?

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All IRB applications/submissions are reviewed initially by the IRB administrative staff. The HRPP/IRB Coordinator may issue exempt determinations. Expedited studies must be reviewed by both an IRB Coordinator and by one or two members of the IRB committee. The minority of IRB submissions are reviewed by the "Full Board" at a committee meeting.

  • Category A - Exempt Review
    No deadline; submit anytime.
    Exempt registration of human subjects means that it involves virtually no risk to human subjects. There are six (6) federally-defined exempt categories.
  • Category B - Expedited Review
    No deadline; submit anytime.
    To qualify for an expedited review, research must fall into nine (9) federally-defined expedited categories. These categories involve collection of samples and data in a manner that is not anonymous and that involves no more than minimal risk to subjects.
  • Category C - Full Committee Review Scheduled monthly;
    Submit according to meeting deadlines on "IRB Submission and Meeting Schedule".
    Proposed human subject research which does not fall into either the exempt or expedited review categories must be submitted for full committee review.
  • Once you receive notification that your grant or contract will be funded, or that your proposal has received a high review score, begin working on your IRB submission.
  • Allow 4-6 weeks from time of IRB submission to final approval.
  • For additional help see information in "Guidance for Researchers".

*Note: Researchers often interpret the word exempt to mean there is no IRB review needed. At FAU, a study must be reviewed by an IRB in order to be designated as exempt from further review.