Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Faculty & Staff

Throughout this document, the term graduate assistant(s) is used generically to represent a graduate student who is receiving tuition benefits related to employment as a graduate research assistant, graduate teaching assistant, or graduate assistant.

Can students be employed as graduate assistants if they are not enrolled in any credits in the summer term?

Yes, this is outlined in the eligibility guidelines as listed in the Graduate Tution Benefits Policy.

If the Principal Investigator of a research grant or contract hires a non-Florida resident as a graduate research assistant, is prior approval required from the Dean of the Graduate College to pay his or her out-of-state tuition from the university’s tuition waiver budget?

No. Provided the student otherwise meets the eligibility requirements in the Tuition Benefits Policy, the out-of-state tuition portion of his or her tuition bill will be funded by the University’s tuition waiver budget.

If the funding source of a research grant or contract does not allow for the budgeting and payment of graduate tuition, is prior approval required from the Dean of the Graduate College to request a tuition waiver?

Yes. At least 15 days prior to the submission of the final proposal, the Principal Investigator(s) must submit the Request to Receive Graduate Tuition Benefits for Graduate Research Assistants form explaining the circumstances and budgetary requirements necessitating the exception. This request should include all relevant documents and budgets for the Dean of the Graduate College to make an informed decision. The request should be sent through the appropriate Proposal and Contract Administrator in the Office of Sponsored Programs. The Office of Sponsored Programs will work directly with the Principal Investigator(s) to verify the funding source does not allow graduate tuition to be paid from the grant or contract.

How will the non-resident portion of the tuition waiver for graduate research assistants be applied?

Each semester a spreadsheet will be provided by the Graduate College to the Business Manager of each college. The spreadsheet will request the necessary information to process the waiver for each research assistant who qualifies for non-resident tuition. The completed spreadsheet must be returned to in the Graduate College by the applicable deadline each semester.

How do I request a tuition waiver to support a new graduate assistant in a non-academic office that has not been previously budgeted?

To begin the process, submit an email to in the Graduate College requesting the assistantship with a brief justification for the position. After obtaining the Graduate College Dean's approval, the process of posting the position or hiring the student can begin.

What needs to be done if a graduate assistant resigns or terminates an assistantship prior to the completion of the term?

The office employing the student is required to send an e-mail termination notice to Student Employment Office and the Graduate College stating the termination action, the student's name, Z number, position number and suffix, as well as the termination date.

Graduate assistants who resign or terminate an assistantship prior to completing the continuous employment period will forfeit all their tuition benefits and must repay the university the full amount of tuition paid by this benefit for the term in which they were enrolled.

Who needs to be notified if a graduate assistant drops a course after the drop/add deadline?

The student must notify his or her supervisor, department graduate coordinator and Sameko Munroe in the Graduate College. Depending on the circumstance, the student may be required to repay the university the tuition it paid for the course.