October 8, 2014

University Graduate
Programs Committee Agenda

Time: 2:00 pm
Location: SU 80 Room 132
1) Call to Order, Sign In, and Introductions
2) Brief Announcements and Discussions
3) Review and Approval of Minutes of the September 3, 2014 meeting
4) Review Curriculum Proposals

New items for October 8, 2014 below
Course Title College (Department) Credit Action
Reviewers by College: (Nursing, CDSI)
Program Change Master of Arts and Master of Arts in Teaching A & L N/A Change
Reviewers by College: (Arts and Letters, CDSI)
EDF 5126 Early and Middle Childhood Education 3 Change
EDF 6138 Adolescence and Young Adulthood in Educational Psychology Education 3 New
EDF 6944 Field Project in Educational Psychology Education 3 New
Proposal M.Ed. in Instructional Technology Education N/A N/A
Proposal M.Ed. in Educational Psych. Education N/A N/A
Proposal M.Ed. in Secondary Ed. Plus Certification Education N/A N/A
Reviewers by College: (Business, Engineering, Medicine)
Program Change MSN- Catalog Change Nursing N/A N/A
Program Change BSN-DNP Nursing N/A N/A
NGR 6172 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics Nursing 3 Change
NGR 6002 Advanced Health Assessment Nursing 2 Change
NGR 6605L Primary Care 2 Practicum Nursing 3 Change
NGR6773 Clinical Nurse Leader Practicum Seminar: Advanced Nursing Situations Nursing 1-3 Change
Reviewers by College: (Nursing, Science)
PCB 5283 Immunology Seminar Medicine 1 New
PCB 5849 Neurobiology of Addiction Medicine 3 New
PCB 6665 Human Genetics Medicine 3 New
Memo Change Requests/Termination Medicine N/A N/A
MDC 7150 Geriatrics and Pallative Care Clerkship Medicine N/A Change
MDC 7600 Surgery Clerkship Medicine 25 Change
MDC 7830 Psychiatry Clerkship Medicine 20 Change
MDC 7200 Internal Medicine Clerkship Medicine 25 Change
Reviewers by College: (Medicine, Business, Engineering)
Program Change Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences Science N/A Change
Reviewers by College: (Education, Library)
Management Programs
MBA Concentration in Entrepreneurship Business N/A Change
School of Accounting
Program Change
Master of Taxation, Master of Business Administration- Accounting Concentration Business N/A Change
Tax 6525 International Taxation Business N/A Change
Program Change- Finance Master of Science in Finance Business N/A Change
FIN 6455 Financial Remodeling Business 2 New
FIN 6456 Quantitative Methods of Finance Business 2 New
FIN 6517 Security Analysis Business 3 New
FIN 6558 Financial Ethics Business 2 New
Memo Hospitality- Concentration Business N/A


Memo Certificate in Hospitality Management Business N/A N/A
ISM 6127 Data Mining & Data Warehousing Business 3 New
RMI6016 Principles of Insurance Business 3 Change
RMI6118 Life Insurance and Pensions Business 3 Change
HFT 6299 Hospitality Operations: A Case Approach Business 3 New
HFT 6467 Strategic Finance in Hospitality Management Business 3 New
HFT 6503 Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Marketing Business 3 New
HFT 6546 Strategies for Excellence in Guest Service Management Business 3 New
HFT 6741 Meetings & Events Management Business 3 New
HFT 6930 Directed Independent Study in Hospitality Management Business 3 New
Reviewers by College: (Science, Library)
URP 6101 Planning Process and Skills CDSI N/A Change
URP 6200 Planimetrics CDSI 3 Change
Reviewers by College: (Arts and Letters, Education)
 CCE 5036 Civil Engineering Project Management Engineering  3 New
 CEG 5304 Terrestrial Laser Scanning Engineering  3 New
 CEG 6708 Groundwater Contamination Engineering   3 Change
 CGN 5308 GIS Applications in Civil Engineering Engineering  3 New
 CGN 5715 Advanced Energy Engineering/Energy Engineering Engineering  3 New
 CGN 6506 Infrastructure Maintenance and Management Engineering  3 New
 CWR 5308 Stormwater Modeling and Management Engineering  3 New
 CWR 6125 Groundwater Flow Engineering  3 Change
 CWR 6235 Open Channel Hydraulics Engineering  3 Change
 CWR 6236 River Mechanics and Sediment Transport Engineering  3 Change
 CWR 6525 Dynamic Hydrology Engineering  3 Change
 CWR 6818 Water Resources Systems  Engineering  3 Change
 ENV 5565 Hydraulic Systems Engineering Engineering  3 New
 ENV 6025 Modeling Methods in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Engineering  3 Change
 ENV 6668 Environmental Systems and Processes Engineering  3 Change
 ENV 6932 Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Engineering  3 New
 TTE 5501 Transportation System Analysis Engineering  3 New
 TTE 6259 Traffic Signal Systems Engineering  3 New
 TTE 6272 Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering  3 New
TTE 6505 Highway Traffic Characteristics and Measurements Engineering 3 New
 TTE 6506 Maritime Freight Operations Engineering  3 New
TTE 6507 Transportation and Supply Chain Systems Engineering 3 New
TTE 6651 Sustainable Public Transportation Engineering 3 New
Reviewers by College: (Arts and Letters, CDSI) These items were left off the Agenda
Program Change Masters of Education with Major in Counselor Education Education N/A Change
MHS 6466 Traumatic Stress, Trauma, and Crisis Counseling Education 3 New
MHS 6710 Research in Counseling Education 3 Change