October 10, 2012

University Graduate
Programs Committee Agenda
Time: 2:00 pm     Place: SU 80 Room 113
1) Call to Order, and Sign In
2) Brief announcements and discussions.
3) Review and Approval of Minutes of the September 12, 2012 meeting
4) Review and Action Regular the Following Curriculum Proposals

New items for October 10, 2012 below
Course Title College (Department) Credit Action
Reviewers by College: (Nursing, CDSI)
ANG 6306 Ethnographic Perspectives in Health A & L 3 New
ARH 6015 History and Ceramics A & L 4 New
MMC 6646 Political Economy of the Media A & L 3 New
Memo Add Videoclip Component to Application for Master's Degree/LLCL A & L N/A N/A
Reviewers by College: (Science, Library)
ARC 5272 Professional Practice II CDSI 3 Change
ARC 5271 Professional Practice I CDSI 3 Change
CCJ 6056 Criminology CDSI 3 Change
CCJ 6902 Foundations Readings in the Criminal Justice Process CDSI 3 Change
CCJ 6021 Corrections CDSI 3 Change
CCJ 6046 Juvenile Justice CDSI 3 Change
CCJ 6142 Restorative Community Justice CDSI 3 Change
CCJ 6456 Leadership and Future Issues in Criminal Justice Agencies CDSI 3 Change
CCJ 6485 Public Policy Models CDSI 3 Change
Reviewers by College: (Business, Engineering)
Memo Catalogue Change Related to Prerequisites for NGR 7738 Nursing 3 N/A
Memo Graduate Website Change Nursing N/A N/A
  Reviewers by College: (Arts and Letter, CDSI)
Proposal Program Revision for Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S) Education N/A N/A
EDG 6622 Documentation and Assessment in Curriculum and Instruction Education 3 New
EDF 6615 Teaching African American Students Education 3 Change