November 30, 2011

University Graduate
Programs Committee Agenda
Time: 2:00 pm     Place: SU 80 Room 113
1) Call to Order, and Sign In
2) Brief Announcements and Discussions
3) Review and Approval of Minutes of the November 2, 2011 Meeting
4) Review and Action Regular the Following Curriculum Proposals

New items for November 30, 2011 below
Course Title College (Department) Credit Action
Reviewers by College: (Nursing, CDSI)
Memo Changing GRE Language in English MA/MAT Admissions A & L N/A N/A
Memo Revisions to Commercial Music MA A & L N/A N/A
Memo PhD Proposa: Literatures, Languages, and Culture A & L N/A N/A
CST 7910 Advanced Research and Study A & L 1-9 Change
Reviewers by College: (Arts and Letters, CDSI)
SCE 6644 Trends and Issues In Environmental Education Education N/A Change
Reviewers by College: (Library, Science)
ARC 5271

Professional Practice A

CDSI N/A Change
ARC 5272

Professional Practice B

CDSI N/A Change
SOW 6905

Directed Independent Study

CDSI 1-3 Change
Reviewers by College: (Education, Library)
ISM 6942

Graduate Information Technology & Operations Management Internship

Business 3 New
ISM 6508

E-Business Development

Business 3 Change
Reviewers by College: (Business, Engineering)

Doctor of Nursing Practice Admission

Nursing N/A N/A

Change in Curriculum Plan for Master of Science with Major in Nursing Track

Nursing N/A N/A

Catalog Change/Amendment Master's Admission Criteria

Nursing N/A N/A

Catalog Change/Amendment PhD/DNP Admission Criteria

Nursing N/A N/A

Nurse Educator Track

Nursing 39 Change