November 13, 2013

University Graduate
Programs Committee Agenda
Time: 2:00 pm Place: SU 80 Room 113
1) Call to Order, and Sign In
2) Brief announcements and discussions
3) Review and Approval of Minutes of the October 9, 2013 meeting
4) Review and Action Regular the Following Curriculum Proposals

New items for November 13, 2013 below
Course Title College (Department) Credit Action
Reviewers by College: (Science, Library)
Program Change MSW Program Catalog Updates CDSI N/A N/A
Program Change Master of Public Administration CDSI N/A N/A
Program Change Ph.D. Public Administration CDSI N/A N/A
Reviewers by College: (Business, Engineering)
Program Change Bridge Program Nursing N/A N/A
NGR 6296L Advanced Holistic Nursing: Developing Extpertise in Holistic Healing Nursing 3 Change
NGR 6297L Advanced Nursing Situations: Integrating Expertise in Holistic Practice Nursing N/A Change
NGR 6770 Advanced Nursing Situations: Introduction to the Clinical Nurse Leadership Role Nursing 3 Change
NGR 6771 Advanced Nursing Situations: Perspectives in Clinical Nurse Leadership Nursing 3 Change
NGR 6892 Advanced Nursing Situations: Influencing Health Care through Nursing Nursing 3 Change
Reviewers by College: (Arts and Letters, CDSI)
EDA 7928 Advanced Leadership Externship #1, 2 or 3 Education 3-6 New
Reviewers by College: (Medicine, Business, Engineering)
Program Change Professional Master of Science in Medical Physics Science N/A Change
Program Change Graduate Remote Sensing Certificate Science N/A Change
Reviewers by College: (Nursing, CDSI)
ITT 5805 Theory and Practice of Italian/English Translation A & L 3 Change
SPC 6239 Seminar on Kenneth Burke A & L 3 New
LIT 6408 Myth and the Bible A & L 3 New
LIN 6674 Grammaticalization A & L 3 New
Reviewers by College: (Education, Library)
Program Change Master of Accounting, Master of Taxation, Exec. Master of Accounting, and Exec. Master of Taxation Business N/A N/A
ACG 5933 Special Topics Business 1-3 New
ACG 6936 Special Topics Business 1-3 New
ACG 7936 Special Topics Business 1-3 New
ACG 6498 Advanced Digital Forensics in Forensic Accounting Business 3 New
MAN 6899 Global Leadership Assessment & Career Development Business 3 New
ACG 5205 Advanced Accounting I Business N/A Change
GEB 7068 Seminar in University Business Education Business 3 New
Reviewers by College: (Nursing, Science)
MDI 8010 Acting Internship Rotation Medicine 12 New
MDE 8011 Elective Rotation Medicine 6-12 New
MDE 8012 Selective Rotation Medicine 12 New
BBC 8180 Transition to Residency Medicine 6 New