March 21, 2018

Graduate Programs  Committee


Time: 2:00 pm
Location: SU-80 Room 132

1) Call to order, sign in and introductions
2) Brief announcements and discussions
3) Review and approval of minutes of the February 21, 2018 meeting
4) Review new curriculum proposals

New Curriculum Proposals for March 21, 2018  

Document Type Title College (Department) Credit Action
Reviewers by College: CDSI, Nursing
Course Change WST6941- Graduate Internship in Women’s Studies


Program Change MA in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies A&L N/A  
Program Change MA in Political Science A&L N/A  
Reviewers by College: Education, Library
Course Change GEB6215- Graduate Business Communication Applications Business 1-3  
Course Change GEB6217- Communication Skills for Business Professionals Business 3  
Program Change MBA Hospitality & Tourism Management Business N/A  
 Reviewers by College: Nursing, Science
Course Change EEL5613- Modern Control Engineering 3  
Program Change Big Data Analytics Graduate Certificate Engineering N/A  
Program Change Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering Engineering N/A  
Program Change MS in Computer Science with Focus in Internet Web Technologies Engineering N/A  
Program Change MS Programs in OME Department Engineering N/A  
Program Change Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Engineering N/A  
Program Change MS in Civil Engineering Engineering N/A  
 Reviewers by College: Medicine, Business
Course Change MAT5938- Seminar in Mathematics Science 1-4  
Course Change MAT5946- Supervised University Instruction in Mathematics Science 3  
New Course EVR6115- Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction Science 3  
New Course GIS6116- Geospatial Databases Science 3  
New Course OCB6567- Marine Plankton Ecology and Physiology Science 3  
New Course PHZ5116- Mathematical Physics II Science 3  
New Course STA6230- Statistical Models and Designs Science 3  
Reviewers by College: A&L, CDSI
Course Change  EDG7938- Doctoral Seminar


Course Change  MHS5428- Counseling Special Needs Populations  Education 3  
Course Change  MHS7611- Advanced Instruction and Supervision  Education 3  
 New Course MHS7809- Advanced Supervision in Counselor Education  Education 3  
Reviewers by College: Library, Science
 Course Change PAD7910- Advanced Research and Study 


 Program Change Ph.D. in Public Administration  CDSI  N/A  

Other Items to Discuss

Document Type Title  Department
Proposal Proposal to Change the Credit Required for a Doctoral Degree Graduate College