March 18, 2015

University Graduate
Programs Committee Agenda

Time: 2:00 pm
Location: SU 80 Room 132

1) Call to order, sign in, and introductions
2) Brief announcements and discussions
3) Review and approval of minutes of the February 18, 2015 meeting
4) Review curriculum proposals

New items for March 18, 2015 below
Course Title College (Department) Credit Action
  Reviewers by College: (Nursing, CDSI)      
Program Change MA with Major in History (Thesis Option) A & L N/A  N/A
Program Change Department of Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature A & L N/A N/A
LIN 6128 Historical Linguistics A & L 3 New
LIN 6707 Psycholinguistics A & L 3 New
Program Change Masters in English A & L N/A N/A
  Reviewers by College: (Arts and Letters, CDSI)
ADE 6268 Leading  Adult and Professional Learning in Schools Education 3 New
ADE 6285 Grant Writing and Program Management for Adult and Community NonProfit Organizations Education 3 New 
EDA 6507 Clinical Evaluation Education 3  New
EDA 6508 Evaluation and Leadership Theory for Educational Leaders Education 3  New
ADE 6684 Assessment, Planning and Sustainability with Geospatial Technologies Education 3  New
ADE 6695 Sustainability Leadership for ACE Entrepreneurs & Change Agents Education 3  New
MHS 5340 College Readiness, Engagement, and Success Skills Education 3 New
SPA 6438 Genetics of Communication Disorders Education 3 New
EEX 6608 Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis Education 3 New
MHS 5401 Principles of Academic Advising Education 3 New
MHS 5620 Organization and Administration of Academic Advising Education 3 New
MHS 5608 Appreciative Advising and Helping Skills for Academic Advisors Education 3 New
New Certificate Certificate in Postsecondary Academic Coaching Education N/A N/A
Program Change MS Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotions Education N/A N/A
SDS 6344 Counseling Interventions for College Readiness and Student Success Education 3 New
  Reviewers by College: (Business, Engineering, Medicine)      
Program Change DNP to PHD Degree Option Nursing N/A  N/A
  Reviewers by College: (Medicine, Business, Engineering)      
Program Change CEScos Graduate Governance Document Science N/A  N/A
Program Change Doctor of Philosophy Integrative Biology Science N/A  N/A