January 23, 2019

Graduate Programs  Committee Meeting Agenda 

Time: 2:00 pm
Location: SU-80 Room 132

1) Call to order, sign in and introductions
2) Brief announcements and discussions
) Review and approval of minutes from the December 5, 2018 GPC meeting
4) Review new curriculum proposals

New Curriculum Proposals for January 23, 2019

Document Type Title College (Department) Credit Action
Reviewers by College: CDSI, Nursing
New Course ITT6527- Italian America: Translating Identities


New Course  LIN6148- Endangered Languages A&L 3  
 Reviewers by College: Education, Library
Course Change ACG7978- Advanced Research in Accounting  Business  N/A  
Course Change   ECO7917-Advanced Research in Economics Business N/A  
Course Change   FIN7978- Advanced Research in Finance Business  N/A  
Course Change  ISM6404- Introduction to Business Analytics and Big Data  Business  N/A  
Course Change  ISM7978- Advanced Research in Information Systems Management  Business  N/A  
Course Change  MAN7978- Advanced Research in Management  Business  N/A  
Course Change   MAR7978- Advanced Research in Marketing Business  N/A  
 New Course  ISM6562- Data Management and Analytics with Excel Business  3  
Program Change  Master of Science- International Business Business  N/A  
Program Change  PHD Program in Business Administration  Business  N/A  
Program Change  MS in Information Technology Management (MSITM)  Business  N/A  
 Reviewers by College: Library, Science
Course Change  SOW7424- Evidence-Informed Practices with Individuals and Implementing CDSI N/A  
 Reviewers by College: A&L, CDSI
Course Change  EEX6602- Behavior Change & Management Strategies Education  N/A  
Course Change  EEX6609- Behavior Analytic Teaching Education  N/A  
Course Change  EEX6615- Behavior Assessment & Intervention Selection Education  N/A  
 Course Change EEX7618- Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis Education N/A  
Course Change  EEX6747- Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis Education N/A  
Course Change  SCE6151- Science: Elementary and Middle School Education N/A  
New Course PET6388- Skeletal Muscle Plasticity Education 3  
 Reviewers by College: A&L, Education
Program  Change    MS with Major in Information Technology and Management Engineering N/A   
New Course CAP5768- Introduction to Data Science Engineering 3  
 Reviewers by College: Nursing, Science
Program Change    Medical Doctorate Medicine N/A   
Program Change    Foundations of Medicine 3 (BMS 6017) Medicine N/A  
 Reviewers by College: Engineering, Business
New Course  CAP5768- Introduction to Data Science Science 3  
New Course  (Psychology) PCB6977- GNTP PhD Lab Rotation Science 1-2  
New Course  (Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences) PCB6977- GNTP PhD Lab Rotation Science  1-2  
New Course  (Biological Sciences) PCB6977- GNTP PhD Lab Rotation Science 1-2  
Program Change    Environmental Restoration Certificate Science N/A   
Program Change   Ph.D. in Complex Systems & Brain Sciences Science N/A   
Program Change   MS Marine Science and Oceanography Science N/A