April 13, 2011

University Graduate
Programs Committee Agenda
1) Call to Order and Sign In
2) Minutes of the March 23, 2011 Meeting
3) Brief Announcements and Discussion
   a)  Academic Degree Program Status: New Forms
4) Review and Action Regular the Following Curriculum Proposals
Course Title College (Department) Credit Action
  Reviewers by College: (Education, Library)      
Proposal M.S. in Geosciences Science N/A New
  Reviewers by College: (Engineering, Medicine)      
NGR 6605 L Advanced Nursing Situations in Practice: Comprehensive Primary Care Nursing 1-4 Change

NGR 6634 L

Advanced Nursing Situations in Practice: Care of the Childbearing/Childrearing Family Nursing 3 Change


Post Masters Certificate in Advanced Holistic Nursing Nursing N/A  N/A
  Reviewers by College: (Nursing, CDSI)      
Memo Proposed Curriculum Changes in Master's in Political Science Changes A & L N/A N/A
Memo Master of Fine Art in Visual Arts Concentration Changes A & L N/A N/A
POS 6736 Research Design in Political Science A & L 3 New
MUS 6940 Advanced Commercial Music internship A & L 1-3 New
  Reviewers by College: (Arts & Letters, CDSI)      

Proposal to Change Admission Requirements for All Applicants to the M.A. in TESOL/BE

Education N/A N/A
  Reviewers by College: (Arts & Letters, Education)      
EEL 5613

Modern Control

Engineering 3 New
TTE 5306 C

Quantitative Methods in Transportation Engineering

Engineering 3 New
TTE 6651 C

Sustainable Public Transportation

Engineering 3 New
TTE 6307 C

Transportation and Supply Chain Systems

Engineering 3 New
TTE 6516 C

Highway Traffic Characteristics and Measurements

Engineering 3 New
  Reviewers by College: (Education, Library)      
ACG 7145

Seminar in Financial Accounting

Business N/A Change
ACG 7415

Seminar in Information System

Business N/A Change
ACG 7885

Seminar in Research Methodol in Accounting

Business N/A Change
ACG 7646

Doctoral Seminar in Auditing

Business N/A Change
ACG 7356

Seminar in Managerial Accounting

Business N/A Change
ACG 7835

Seminar in Behavioral Accounting Research

Business N/A Change
ACG 7978

Advanced Research in Accounting

Business N/A Change
ENT 6186

Technology Commercialization Strategies

Business N/A Change
ISM 6230

Introduction to Computer Systems and Software Development

Business 3 New
ISM 6133

Advanced Systems and Analysis and Design

Business 3 New
ISM 6212

Database Management Systems

Business 3 New
ISM 6220

Business Data Communication

Business 3 New