Machine Shop - Dania Beach Campus

Dania Beach Machine Shop

Locations and Hours of Operation

Dania Beach Campus, SeaTech, Room 138

Open 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday through Friday

If assistance is needed outside of normal hours, send email to Fred Knapp, Teaching Instructor to find out if an accommodation can be made.


Shop Main Number: 954.924.7040

  • Fred Knapp, Senior Machine Shop Teaching Instructor
    Dania Beach Campus Office: 954.924.7040 
    Boca Raton Campus office: 561.297.3495, cell: 954.701.5132

Student Shop Access

  1. Shop use must be related to either funded research or a class assignment.
  2. Students must complete the "Student Safety Training Session" offered in the shop. Register for this by sending an email to prior to working in the shop.
  3. Students must submit a signed "Machine Shop Work Request Form" before beginning work on any project.

Machine Shop Work Request

Shop Usage Guidelines

  1. Ask for instructions if you are not familiar with the particular machine, tool, or procedure.
  2. Safety glasses MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES and are available at the shop entrance.
  3. Do not operate machinery with loose clothing or jewelry.
  4. Long hair must be tied back and contained.
  5. No open toed shoes allowed.
  6. Clean machinery every time you use it.
  7. The two person rule is in effect – DO NOT WORK ALONE.
  8. Report any machine that has been damaged. This may keep the next user from getting hurt.
  9. Please help keep this shop clean and safe. If you abuse the shop, you will lose your privilege to use it.

Services and Supplies

  • Materials
    work can be done with metals, plastics, and other materials
  • Equipment
    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining for milling, turning and waterjet cutting. A complete array of manual machines well-suited for one-off prototypes, top of the line Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) and plasma cutting welding services which are provided for aluminum, stainless steel and other metals. Cutting, bending and machining of sheet metal are also available on a limited basis.
  • Assistance
    estimating, scheduling, and interfacing with outside machine and specialty services when needed. Ordering supplies needed for projects, limited design consultation for cost effective completion of projects.
  • Services
    fabrication of research prototypes; training on equipment and safety in the machine shop; assist students with choosing project materials, and fabrications; conduct labs and workshops upon request; take technical requests for special services or projects.
  • Supplies
    shop inventory includes commonly used metals and hardware supplies. These items are available for use to be incorporated into projects for authorized students, faculty and staff.


CNC Equipment
  • CNC Lathe 6" x 40" capacity – 4 tool turret – 6" spindle chuck
  • CNC Vertical Machining Center 16" x 30" – 20 station tool changer
  • Lagun CNC Vertical Knee Mill – 15" x 30" travel – Manual tool change

All of the above listed machines are operated using GCODE. This code is acquired through integrated Cam software; SolidCam, MasterCam and HSMWorks.

Manual Equipment
  • 14” Vertical Bandsaw
  • Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Table Saw for wood and plastics
  • Vertical Knee Mill – 12” x 30” travel
  • Drill Press
  • Manual Lathe w/ 15” 3-jaw chuck
  • Belt/Disc Sander w/ 12” disc