Electronics Labs

Electronics Lab Boca

Locations and Hours of Operation

Boca Raton Campus, Engineering West (EW), Room 164

Dania Beach, SeaTech Campus, Room 105

Both locations open 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Lab Access After Hours

A lab assistant is available outside of normal hours at the Boca Raton campus location. The lab assistant's schedule is posted on the lab door since the times may vary.

Students that show responsibility and have been instructed in the lab equipment and safety procedures may be allowed lab access after normal hours at either location. If assistance is needed outside of normal hours email the lab staff to find out if an accommodation can be made.


  • Ed Henderson, Sr. Engineer, Boca: 561.297.1371, SeaTech: 954.924.7111, email: ehender3@fau.edu
  • John Kielbasa, Sr. Engineer, Boca: 561.297.5350, SeaTech: 954.924.7113, email: jkielbas@fau.edu

Services and Equipment

Electronics Lab SeaTech
  • Project Assistance
    design review, system troubleshooting, component analysis, software development/debugging, electronics packaging, electronics circuit design, printed circuit board layout
  • Lab Training
    lab safety, test equipment operation, soldering techniques, wiring and connector fabrication, CAD software
  • Student CAD Tools
    schematic capture, printed circuit board layout, embedded software development, circuit simulation
  • Tools and Equipment
    soldering irons, heat guns, reflow oven, oscilloscopes, multi-meters, signal/function generators, power supplies, hand tools, work benches
  • Project Supplies
    prototype parts, wire and connectors, fabrication materials, solder, heat-shrink, electronic hardware, breadboards
  • Purchasing Assistance
    parts selection, vendor recommendations, university ordering procedures, pCard purchases and tracking

Lab Usage Rules

  1. Before working in the labs, students must review safety procedures with the lab staff.
  2. Before using any lab equipment, students must receive instruction on its use by the lab staff.
  3. No equipment or tools are to be removed from the lab without specific approval from the lab staff.
  4. Ask for assistance, don't guess.
  5. Keep areas clean and neat.