Admisson Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering, ocean engineering program, an applicant must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Meet all the freshmen or transfer admission requirements of the University.
  • Meet all Pre-Professional Program requirements.
  • Transfer students who have an A.A. degree are expected to have completed the following course requirements (deficiencies may be taken at FAU); see the Degree Requirements section of the Undergraduate Catalog for the required minimum grades.
Subject Min. No. of Credits
English Composition* 6
Social Science 6
Humanities 6
Calculus (complete three course sequence)* 12
General Physics with Calculus (complete sequence with Lab) 8
Differential Equations* 3
General Physics with Labs 8
General Chemistry with Lab* 4
Fundamentals of Engineering* 3
Engineering Graphics* 3
C for Engineers* 3
Electives 6

NOTE: Electives may include a course in health, speech, additional humanities or an additional social science. Consult an advisor for assistance in selecting the appropriate course(s).

* A grade of "C" or better in all courses indicated above. Repeating more than two courses in the Calculus and Physics with Calculus sequences may result in denial of admission.