Python Programming for Data Science Bootcamp

This course is tailored to participants who have never taken a programming class before and would benefit from learning some fundamental skills. The course teaches concepts and tools that are valuable to those employed in the field of computer science and gives an overview of computer thinking skills that are essential to any professional in the 21st century.

The boot camp uses the Python language to teach programming concepts and problem-solving skills without assuming any previous programming experience. Topics include downloading and using Python with the GUI, fundamentals of data storage, input and output, control structures and functions.

This boot camp is recommended for all individuals who wish to learn to program in a very popular and functional programming language. Students who are registered to take the Python programming course would get a good head start on the class.

Session Length:  Next Session Fall 2023

***If you have FAU Email, please REGISTER USING YOUR FAU EMAIL  (The course is accessed through Canvas). For those with no FAU email, a user account will be created.

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Please note that each class will be recorded. The recordings will be available online for 30 days to ensure that participants can access them if they miss a class or want to review any of the sessions.

Course Outline

Length: One week of online sessions (Monday-Friday, 3 hours/day)

Cost: $250 Non-FAU Participants - Discount Code Available to FAU Student/Faculty/Staff Only
*Please contact Bootcamp Coordinator to receive your discount code prior to registering. 

Instructor: Sareh Taebi, PhD

Outline and tentative schedule

This is a hands on course, with lots of programming examples and practice exercises to work on.

Topics per session:

Module 1: An introduction to Python

  • Intro to how computers work, how data is stored, and programs in high-level language.
  • Python programming environment, Interactive mode, script mode, IDLE environment.

Module 2: Input, Output and sequential programming

  • Flowchart, Pseudocode and the program development cycle.
  • Variables, data types.
  • Input(s), sequential steps, output(s).

Module 3: Decision Structures and Boolean Logic

  • Relational, Boolean and logic expressions.
  • if, if-else, and if- elif- else statements.

Module 4: Repetition Structures

  • While loop and for loop.
  • Counters, accumulators and sentinels as well as input validation loops

Module 5: Functions

  • Benefits of using functions and the top-down design approach.
  • Writing and calling void functions.
  • Passing arguments to functions.

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