Introduction to Programming Bootcamp

The course provides students with concepts and tools that are valuable to those who aspire to major in computer science. Students who major in Computer Science are in high demand in various sectors of the economy. After taking this short course, students are expected to be more prepared for Introduction to Programming in C, the first programming course in the FAU Computer Science curriculum. This short course also exposes students to computer thinking skills essential to professionals in the twenty-first century.

Session Length: Monday, August 7th - Friday, August 11th 

Please note that each class will be recorded. The recordings will be available online for 30 days to ensure that participants can access them if they miss a class or want to review any of the sessions.

Course Outline

Length: One week of online sessions (Monday-Friday, 2 hours/day)

Cost: $50 (FAU Students) | $100 (Non FAU Students) 

Time: 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Instructor: Tami Sorgente, MS

Topics per session:

Introduction to application development and programming languages

  • Source code (C )
  • Compilers and development tools (Visual Studio)
  • Libraries, compiling,  linking, and building applications 
  • “Hello world”

Introduction to problem solving and program logic

  • Algorithms and the software development method
  • Variables and program data
  • Input(s), sequential steps, output(s)

Program development

  • Input, process, output
  • Common programming errors
  • Control structures in programs (decisions- if/else)

Program development 

  • Repetition in programs (simple loop)

Top-down program design concept

  • Functions and subproblems
  • Online exiting exam