Visiting and Temporary Divers

Visiting scientists who are not affiliated with Florida Atlantic University and whose sponsoring agency or university are Organizational Members (OM) of the American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS) may apply to the FAU Diving Safety Officer for permission to dive on FAU sanctioned dives. Normally a Letter of Reciprocity from the diver's OM DSO will be required and a checkout dive with the FAU DSO may be requested. Please submit all requests to dive at FAU to the DSO at least 14 days in advance.

Temporary Divers who are not from AAUS Organizational Members may be allowed to dive under the auspices of FAU on a case by case basis. Requests should be made to the DSO at least 14 days in advance. Minimally, Temporary Divers will be required to submit proof of scuba certification, a logbook of dives conducted in the previous year and participate in a checkout dive with the DSO. It may also be required for the DSO to accompany Temporary Divers when diving with FAU depending on the divers level of training and experience, or the type of dives planned.

To Contact the Diving Safety Officer:

Diving Safety Officer
Florida Atlantic University
Building 69 Room 112
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
tel: 561.297.1178
fax: 561.297.2210

After hours or in the event of emergency:
cell: 561.239.4293