Snorkeling and Boating Field Trips

Florida Atlantic University faculty members and teaching assistants should be aware that FAU guidelines and regulations for snorkeling and/or boating must be complied with when conducting field trips involving these activities. It is the responsibility of the person leading field trips to assure that all snorkeling and boating requirements are satisfied. These procedures are given in detail in the Diving and Boating Safety Manual which can be found at:

Diving & Boating Safety Manual

Anyone who wishes to lead a snorkel trip during FAU sponsored field trips must meet the following requirements:

  1. Maintain a current CPR/First-Aid certification.
  2. Submit an Application to the Scientific Diving Program to the Diving Safety Officer (DSO).
  3. Complete and submit a FAU Release of Liability Waiver to the DSO.
  4. Submit a Dive Plan to the DSO at least one week in advance of the trip. It is not necessary to complete the portion which apply to the dive profile.
  5. The group leader should also have each person who will be participating in snorkel activities complete an Application to the Scientific diving Program and FAU Release of Liability Waiver and submit these forms to the DSO.

Scientific Diving Programs Forms

When snorkeling, it is required that the "buddy system" be utilized. The "buddy" system requires each person while in the water to be paired with someone at all times so that no solo snorkeling occurs. Solo snorkeling or swimming is prohibited at all times while operating under FAU auspices.

Each person must also wear a safety inflatable vest if the water is greater than chest deep or the possibility of rip currents exist.

The State of Florida requires a diver's down flag be displayed at all times while snorkeling.

If a FAU or personal boat will be used, it is also necessary to complete an FAU Float Plan which should be given to a designated agent responsible for notifying the Coast Guard if the vessel becomes overdue. A copy of the Float Plan should also be submitted to the DSO. It is not necessary to submit a float plan if a commercial charter boat company is used.

To Contact the Diving and Boating Safety Officer:

Diving Safety Officer
Florida Atlantic University
Building 69 Room 112
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
tel: 561.297.1178
fax: 561.297.2210

After hours or in the event of emergency:
cell: 561.239.4293