Scientific Divers

Research diving under the auspices of Florida Atlantic University may only be conducted by qualified scientific divers who are sanctioned by the Diving and Boating Safety Committee.

Scientific Diver requirements:

  1. Be authorized by the Diving Safety Officer
  2. Have a current Application to the Scientific Diving Program on file.
  3. Have a current FAU Release of Liability Waiver on file.
  4. Have a current Equipment Statement of Understanding on file.
        Personal dive gear must be inspected annually and proof provided to the
  5. Have a current diving physical on file.
  6. Be current with CPR/First-Aid.
  7. Be current with DAN Oxygen First-Aid Provider (within two years).

Active Scientific Diver status, once granted, is only good for one year. In order to remain active, 12 scientific dives must be logged annually and monthly log sheets must be submitted to the DSO for each month in which dives have been conducted in addition to the previously stated requirements.

Required forms can be downloaded at:

To Contact the Diving Safety Officer:
Diving Safety Officer Florida Atlantic University
Building 69 Room 112
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
tel: 561.297.1178
fax: 561.297.2210

After hours or in the event of emergency: