Letter of Reciprocity

The American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS) provides a mechanism whereby scientific divers from two or more Organizational Members (OM) institutions may collaborate to conduct dive operations. When such a collaboration occurs, one OM acts as the "host" and accepts responsibility for supervising divers from the "visiting" OM. It then becomes necessary for "visiting" scientist/divers to provide a "Letter of Reciprocity" (LOR) to the Diving Safety Officer of the "host OM.

The AAUS Diving Letter of Reciprocity can be found in the Florida Atlantic University Diving and Boating Safety Manual. The LOR certifies that the diver is a scientific diver, current and in good standing with their OM and therefore requires the signature of the Diving Safety Officer of the divers originating OM.

Florida Atlantic University Scientific Divers who wish to participate in diving activities at other AAUS member institutions or facilities should request a Letter of Reciprocity from the FAU Diving Safety Officer to be included in documents which may be requested by the DSO of the institute or facility hosting the dives. Requests should be made at least two weeks prior to the date of document submission to the Host institute.

For visiting scientific divers or temporary divers from AAUS member institutions, please have a Letter of Reciprocity prepared and signed by your DSO when making requests to the FAU DSO to dive under FAU auspices.