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Joseph Choma, Director, School of Architecture, FAU
April 13, 2022
As a researcher, Choma’s interests lie at the intersection of mathematics, folding, structure and materials.
Theatre Lab
April 08, 2022
The shows include “Dorothy’s Dictionary” by E.M. Lewis, “Last Night In Inwood” by Alix Sobler, and “Refuge” co-created by Satya Jnani Chávez and Andrew Rosendorf, with translations by Mari Meza-Burgos.
Dean Michael J. Horswell and Marilyn Wallach
April 07, 2022
FAU will become the epicenter for intercultural dialogue and education in the greater South Florida region.
Center for the Future Mind
April 05, 2022
Imagine being able to purchase a brain chip that would give you superhuman computational power.
Mahnaz Afkhami
April 04, 2022
Afkhami is the Founder, President, and CEO of the international non-governmental organization Women’s Learning Partnership
Daniel Auguste, assistant professor of Sociology, FAU
March 31, 2022
Auguste will examine the extent to which student loan debt, race, and educational attainment affect business ownership and success...
AU’s Public Affairs Graduate Program Ranks 83
March 29, 2022
The rankings are based on two types of data: expert opinions about program excellence and statistical indicators that measure the quality of a school’s faculty, research and students
Grammy-Winning Composer and Trumpeter Terence Blanchard at FAU
March 24, 2022
Blanchard spoke with FAU Music Professor Michael Zager and a student audience about his work as a jazz musician, a film composer, and his collaborations...
New York Times Foreign Affairs Columnist Thomas Friedman
March 17, 2022
Friedman was the speaker for the 2022 FAU Larkin Symposium on the American Presidency
Jose Koechlin and Werner Herzog
March 14, 2022
The Award-winning filmmakers were at FAU’s University Theatre in February 2022 for a screening and discussion of “Aguirre, the Wrath of God,” celebrating the film’s 50th anniversary.