Spanish Language Program

Students interested in acquiring proficiency in the Spanish language may begin their studies at any appropriate point in the curriculum, depending on individual experience and aptitude. We offer a free online placement test to help students decide which course is the right place to start. Our courses are taught by experienced faculty and well-trained and supervised graduate students. Classes at all levels are taught in Spanish and require consistent participation in class. Classes combine language study with exploration of the exciting cultures of the Spanish speaking world and are complemented by the latest technology for second language learning, including electronic workbooks and video activities in our Foreign Language Media Center (FLMC).

Heritage and native speakers of Spanish may take specially-designed courses for the improvement of their formal skills in speaking, writing, and reading. "Heritage" students are those who have been exposed to the language at home in informal situations or who may have spent significant time living in Spanish speaking countries but are not completely proficient in the language. Heritage speaker skills vary according to the individual and students should seek advising from the Spanish Language Program professors as to what level is most appropriate.

Students can choose one of the following sequences:

  • Spanish for Second Language Learners
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers

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