The Minor in Linguistics currently consists of 15 credits (3 required courses and 2 electives). All courses must be passed with a grade of ‘C’ or better. At least 75% of all minor credits must be from FAU. Courses taken on study abroad may be counted toward the minor if they are approved by the student’s advisor before the student begins the study abroad program. Students majoring in a language are strongly encouraged to pursue a double major/concentration in Linguistics or a minor in Linguistics.

The 3 required courses (9 credits) are:

  1. LIN 3010 Intro to Linguistics (prerequisite for several upper-division LIN courses, so should be taken as soon as possible);
  2. one course in theoretical linguistics (LIN 4326 Phonetics & Phonology, or LIN 4430 Morphology & Syntax, or LIN 4802 Semantics & Pragmatics);
  3. one course in the structure of a language (LIN 4680 Structure of English, or FRE 4850 Structure of Modern French, or ITA 4730 Tessere la Lingua [Structure of Italian], or SPN 4680 Structure of Modern Spanish).

The 2 electives (6 credits) are upper-division (3/4000-level) linguistics courses to be chosen in consultation with the advisor; examples of eligible electives include:

  • LIN 3133 Patterns of Language
  • LIN 4600 Sociolinguistics
  • LIN 4620 Bilingualism
  • LIN 4680 Structure of Modern English (if not taken as a required course)
  • LIN 4701 Psycholinguistics
  • LIN 4810 Introduction to Semiotics
  • LIN 4930 Special Topics (‘Forensic Linguistics’, ‘Introduction to SLA’, ‘Field Methods’, etc.)
  • TSL 4251 Applied Linguistics & TESOL
  • other linguistics courses (including linguistics courses taught in French, Italian, and Spanish)

For the current Linguistics Minor Checklist, please click here.

Upcoming Linguistics Minor revision:

Please note that the Linguistics Minor will be revised as of Spring 2021. It will still consist of 15 credits (5 courses) but the selection of courses will change. You will need to take LIN 3010 Introduction to Linguistics, any two courses in theoretical linguistics (LIN 4326 Phonetics & Phonology, LIN 4430 Morphology & Syntax, or LIN 4802 Semantics & Pragmatics), and two elective courses in linguistics (other LIN-coded courses, in-lingua linguistics courses, TSL 4080, TSL 4251). The Minor will also now allow one elective at the 2000-level (e.g., LIN 2001 Introduction to Language or LIN 2607 Global Perspectives on Language). These changes will make it easier to combine the Minor with the ESL Studies Certificate - if you are pursuing the Certificate, you would just need to take two additional (theoretical) courses to receive both the Certificate and the Minor.

If you start the Linguistics Minor in Spring 21 or later, you will be automatically enrolled in the revised Minor. If you are a current student and are not scheduled to graduate until Spring 21 or later, you may be able to switch to the revised Minor when it becomes available - please reach out to your advisor or contact the Linguistics Program for more information.