(Graduate students contact the Graduate College)


  • Students may not declare a minor, second major, or dual degree after earning 90 credit hours.

  • Students may change their major only if they can meet all graduation requirements without a significant extension of their
    graduation date (freshmen must graduate within 10 semesters after entry, AA transfers within 6 semesters, and non-AA
    transfers within 6-10 semesters, depending on the number of credits transferred).

  • Submit to your College Student Academic Services Office or the Dean’s Office in your prospective College for approval.
    Students under 45 earned credit hours may instead submit to the University Advising Services Office to declare unrestricted
    and pre-majors. All restricted majors must go through their respective colleges.

  • Return approved form to the Registrar’s Office for final action.

  • Allow seven to ten business days to process your request and view it in DARS.

  • To declare a major or minor outside of your current college requires signatures from both your current college and your
    new declared college by an approved college representative.

  • To get the Undergraduate Major/minor Change Form click here
 Last Modified 5/1/19