MA & MAT in French

The MA and the MAT in French both provide advanced study of French language, literature, and culture. The MA focuses on literary analysis and critical theory; the MAT focuses on the pedagogy of teaching French as a second language.

The Master of Arts (MA) in French features two separate tracks, thesis and non-thesis. In both tracks, students take three core courses: an introduction to the study of literature at the graduate level, a course in critical theory, and a linguistics course on the history and dialectology of the French language. These core courses are followed by a series of graduate seminars chosen from among available graduate electives. The range of graduate electives extends from medieval topics (the medieval author) to contemporary ones (current translation theory), and from courses on specific authors (such as Proust) to courses covering wider aspects of the French tradition (such as the epistolary novel in the eighteenth century). 

The Master of Arts in French With Thesis

The Master of Arts in French Without Thesis

The Master of Arts in Teaching French is well-suited to those wishing to teach in the public schools (K-12). It combines course work in literature and culture with a hands-on teaching practicum, courses in such areas as Electronic Media and Foreign Language Pedagogy, and a teaching internship in the department. Our graduate classes can be attended remotely upon request.

Master of Arts in Teaching French

Admission Requirements

For admission to Master's study, all French graduate programs require (a) a combined score of 1000 on the GRE; (b) an applicable undergraduate GPA of 3.0; and (c) undergraduate course work in French (note: students without the necessary background in literary and/or linguistic studies can take appropriate course work in the department prior to applying). The departmental graduate admissions committee takes into strong consideration the applicant’s letters of recommendation and writing sample in French. If the student has not already had the equivalent courses in his or her undergraduate program, it is recommended that he or she take a course in Research and Bibliographic Methods in Foreign Language Study (FOL 3880, offered every term), plus an introductory course in linguistics (LIN 3010, also offered every term).

For specific instructions on how to apply for the MA or MAT program in French, please click here, or go to the pull-down menu item titled “GRADUATE ADMISSIONS” under GRADUATE PROGRAMS at the top of this page. It is important to note that students must apply to TWO offices: (1) to FAU’s Office of Graduate Admissions & Studies and (2) the Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature.

Students are also encouraged to visit the website of FAU’s Graduate College website for more information; there they will find an electronic application form, a list of frequently asked questions, and important updates on other issues, such as international student admissions.