Basic Language Study

Basic French language at FAU involves six semesters of study, including Beginning French (FRE 1120 and FRE 1121), Intermediate French (FRE 2220 and FRE 2221), and Advanced French (FRE 3400 and FRE 3401). Students who come from francophone regions, but who may lack formal grammatical training or experience in college-level French writing, may qualify to take "Français de perfectionnement" (FRE 3340) to complete the equivalent of third-year college French. Full course descriptions, including pre-requisites required at each level, can be found here, or in the FAU Course Catalog. Students wishing to take French for their FAU foreign language requirement can click here for specific guidelines and instructions.

We also offer several unique options for basic French language study:

1. FAST TRACK: This fast-paced and dynamic course provides students with a near-immersion experience, all without having to leave South Florida.

2. Interested in studying French abroad?

All basic French language courses are taught by experienced faculty and well-trained and supervised graduate students who communicate uniquely in French using the communicative approach. All basic French language courses combine language study with cultural exploration.