Dr. Romain Rivaux

Dr. Romain Rivaux is a French native. He has a decade of experience in the translation field and served for eight years as Director of Linguistics at ProTranslating, a translation firm located in Miami, Florida. In 2012, he earned a Ph.D. in Anglophone Studies from University François-Rabelais, Tours, France. While his dissertation dealt with the literary, linguistic, and intertextual analysis of the early prose of James Joyce, his recent research has been primarily focused on Translation Studies and Comparative Literature. He has been teaching a variety of topics at Florida Atlantic University both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, such as sociolinguistics, readings-research in French, translation and localization, French sociolinguistics, structure of modern French, structure of modern English, introduction to linguistics, global perspectives on languages, and intermediate & beginning French language and culture.



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