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The ACCUPLACER is accepted for FAU High School programs or Dual Enrollment.

If you have any questions regarding what exam to take, please contact FAU High or Dual Enrollment before registering for an exam.  

*Read all information on this page carefully BEFORE you register to avoid any errors*

Registration Information

FAU High Applicants

*FAU High allows the Accuplacer/Writeplacer to be taken a maximum of two times.  The full battery of exams (Accuplacer/Writeplacer) must be taken in one session before registering for a Retake. Sections cannot be taken individually when you are taking the Accuplacer/Writeplacer for the first time. 

 In-person testing is limited to various Saturdays at the Boca Raton campus only. 


For FAU Dual Enrollment Applicants, the Accuplacer is available for both remote and in-person testing.  The Writeplacer is not required for Dual Enrollment. Remote testing appointments are available 24/7.


VERY IMPORTANT: THIS IS FOR STUDENTS TAKING ACCUPLACER FOR ANOTHER INSTITUTION, NOT FAU. Make sure you have followed the Proctored Correspondence Instructions BEFORE Registering at


ACCUPLACER TEST FEES: NO changes will be made to registrations once paid.

$43.50 - Accuplacer AND WritePlacer (all 4 sections)

$33.50 - Accuplacer - 3 Sections


$11.50 - Accuplacer-  Retake 1 Section Only                     
$23.50 - Accuplacer - Retake 2 Sections Only
$33.50 - Accuplacer-  Retake 3 Sections Only
$23.50 - Retake WritePlacer Only

Remote testing requires an additional fee per testing session payable to the proctoring company. 

Testing fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
Appointments cannot be rescheduled without additional cost.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LAST DAY TO USE YOUR VOUCHER.  If technical issues occur and your voucher expires, you will need to purchase new 14 day voucher. NO EXCEPTIONS.


FROM ISSUE DATE and will not be extended nor reissued if expired.
no exceptions will be made


Testing Information  

General Information  

  • You must wait 2 weeks before re-taking the ACCUPLACER test. DAY 1 BEGINS THE DAY AFTER YOUR TEST DATE. Scores will not be considered valid unless 2 weeks have passed.  

  • FAU High program limits taking each section of the Accuplacer twice and, both the Accuplacer and WritePlacer are required.

  • FAU High school will only accept two score reports

  • For FAU High School minimum score consideration click here

  • FAU High School New Admissions information can be found at:

Timing of Exam

  • The remote Accuplacer exam is untimed. 
  • Accuplacer exams taken in-person are limited to 3 hours total testing time.
  • Arrival Time - You must be punctual.  Late arrivals may not be able to test. Therefore, please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow for checkin.

Score Reports

  • Students will print their own score report after the exam is concluded by going to the Accuplacer student portal at
    *For student ID# - please enter the phone number used when registering.

What You Need to Test

A Non-Expired Photo ID, FROM THE LIST BELOW, is required OF THE TEST TAKER, (no matter the age) must be presented prior to testing. NO EXCEPTIONS. You will not test without a valid, non-expired PHOTO ID from the list below.  The TEST TAKER'S photo ID must match exactly the name you used when registering. IE: Double or hyphenated last names. If the ID that you are using on test day has 2 last names, then you MUST register using BOTH last names. 


Listed below are the ONLY acceptable forms of test taker's photo identification (no photocopies accepted or pictures presented on phones accepted):

Students must present an original ID document from the list below to the webcam in order to test remotely or present the original document when testing in person. 


  • Current Non-Expired Driver's License
  • State Approved Non-Expired ID ( - ALL AGES MINORS INCLUDED
  • Military ID
  • Current Non-Expired Passport
  • Tribal ID Card

**If you do not one of the acceptable ID's listed above, please email BEFORE REGISTERING for test.**

If you are testing in-person (For FAU HIGH ONLY) you must bring the required signed PARENT RESPONSIBILTY FORM .

Remote Testing

Examinees that are testing remotely will receive a voucher (see sample voucher) within 2 business days from purchase, to the email address provided in Registerblast when you paid for the exam.  The voucher will direct you to schedule your testing appointment with the proctoring company and pay their additional fee. Vouchers are valid for 14 days from issue.  No extensions, reissues or changes from remote to in person testing will be made. 

Please be prompt and prepared with the following:

  • Test your computer requirements per the remote proctoring company's specificaions.
  • Sit in a quiet place and clear your workspace where you will be undisturbed while testing. No headphones/sets allowed
  • Be sure to have your photo ID (from the allowable list above) ready. You will need to present it. If using student ID, the Notarized, Alternate ID form must be presented as well.
  • Required Identification (with your full name and picture) from the above list.
  • Have your 1 sheet of scratch paper – blank and 2 pencils available.
  • No handheld calculators are permitted.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.
  • Accuplacer has provided the following troubleshooting steps within the testing platform:
    -Make sure you clear cache BEFORE you log in to begin the test experience.
    -Make sure you disable any other browser extensions that are loaded in your browser.
    -Make sure pop-up blockers are turned off.
    -Do NOT refresh the screen. If you somehow get stuck (e.g., grayed out privacy policy screen), close the session, clear the cache, and log back in with the proctoring company to resubmit your voucher

  • When your test session is complete, you will print your SCORE REPORT from the student portal. Remember to use the phone number you registered with as your Student ID # when prompted.

Schedule Your Exam

By clicking the "Register Now" Button I agree that I have read and understand that I am registering for the Accuplacer exam to be proctored remotely or in-person.  I understand the guidelines in the information listed above including the required ID requirements for remote testing and in-person testing.  If I am testing in-person (for FAU High Only), I acknowledge that I am required to bring the required completed parent responsiblity form.  Accuplacer for Dual Enrollment students is offered remote only.