Make-Up Testing

NEW! Submit proctoring requests for Makeup Exams

The FAU Testing Center has adopted a new make-up testing procedure due to limited seating.  It is now required that students make an appointment for make-up testing. Walk-In testing is not available.  We offer both paper/pencil or computer-based make-up testing at our centers. 

This service is for extenuating circumstances only.  Requests will be reviewed.


All make-up exams will be submitted by the instructor through an online portal via the FAU Testing website. This requires a one-time enrollment by the instructor to setup this service ( Your must provide an FAU Email address to use this service. Tutorials are available for your assistance.  Please allow one business day to process your one-time enrollment. You may then proceed to submit your exam and any subsequent exams there after. 


  • Login to the Professor submission portal for detailed instructions on how to submit a new make-up test form and/or edit an existing submission form.


  • Students will need to schedule an appointment to take a make-up exam at the testing center.  NO WALK-IN testing is available.  Students must have an Owl Card or valid unexpired government-issued photo ID.
  • Students will not be able to schedule an appointment without completed submission form.
  • Student names must be included on the form. (4 maximum per week for Paper/Pencil Exams, 10 maximum per week for computer-based exams).
  • Submitted exams of any type cannot exeed a 2-hour time limit.  Additionally, exams must be at least 60 minutes in length.
  • Paper/Pencil exams can be submitted electronically but must be picked up in-person from the Testing Center.  (Photo ID is required for pick up.)
  • Instructors are responsible for making sure any computer-based test is opened during the submitted testing window. (Students will be referred to instructor if test cannot be launched)
  • Students requiring accommodations must make arrangements to test with the Student Accessiblity Services (SAS) department.



All Scanning must be accompanied by a completed Scanning Log Sheet.  Print the  Scanning Log Sheet now. The Testing Office does not provide Log Sheets.  Please pre-print Log Sheets before arrival at the Testing Center.  Allow up to 72 hours for processing.

Scanning Guidelines:

Exams to be scanned must be hand delivered to the Testing Office. Results will be sent via email to FAU Email addresses only (2 email addresses per set). Exams must be picked up in person by the instructor or designated staff member (ID must be presented), actual scantrons cannot be mailed (this includes interoffice mail), faxed, printed or copied.

  • An answer key and Scanning Log Sheet must be submitted with each set of scantrons
  • Please allow up to 72 hours to process scanning
  • Scanning Procedures - Must have 10 or more answer sheets in a stack to be scanned
  • All Scantrons must be facing the same direction
  • Make sure only scantrons are submitted.  Please remove any paperclips, post-its, blank papers, or exams from scantron stacks as it will jam the machine resulting in a service call to Scantron
  • Only reports designated on Scanning Log Sheet will be processed
  • For any questions, concerns or issues with scanning please email

scanning picture

This is how we need you to fill out your key

On the first colum, write the Letter A then skip the next colum and write  INSTRUCTORS NAME  skip the next colum then write the word KEY


  • Be sure to bubble in  the corresponding circles
  • Make sure you have a key and a Log Sheet accompanied with every scantron set  


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