Change of Major Process and General Forms

Undergraduate Major/Minor Change

  • To request a change of major, you will need to schedule an appointment with an advisor for the new intended major to determine the requirements for the new major/minor/certificate.
  • If the program is outside of the COS and will be added to your existing COS major, you will also need to discuss the change with a COS advisor by appointment or by e-mail.
  • Once you have had one or both of the above conversations, then you can submit the requested change by e-mail (i.e. “I would like to add an XXXX minor to my degree”)
  • An advisor from the appropriate college will submit the change on your behalf.

College Petition Forms

- Used to request an exception to the College of Science requirements or rules.

Degree Application

- Used to apply for your degree (due no later than the 3rd week of your graduating semester).

Enrollment Verification Form

- This is a Registrar form, allowing you to obtain documentation from the Registrar's office concerning your enrollment status at FAU.

Gordon Rule Evaluation Form

- Used by the Registrar's office, to apply transfer work toward the state's Gordon Rule requirements.


- This is a Federal law form designed to protect the privacy of educational records.

Transient Petition Form  

- Required for students taking courses at other institutions.

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