Advising FAQs

How do I schedule an advising appointment?

When scheduling an advising appointment, you should find a CoS advisor for your major by reading the advisor profiles in Success Network

Click here  to see each advisor and the majors they advise along with a link to Success Network to schedule your appointment via Navigate.

How do I access my degree audit (DARS)?
Every student has a degree audit that shows specific courses needed to complete their major, general education credits and electives.  This is an interactive tool to use on a regular basis.  Click here  for more information, and directions to access your DARS.
I am attempting to register for a class and see the message "see Advisor, registration exceeds credit limit," what does this mean?

This message appears if you are attempting to enroll in a class for the third time (all W’s and graded attempts count as an attempt).

FAU only allows two attempts for any class; however, there is a petition process for CoS courses. 

A 3rd attempt is not guaranteed, but may be considered.  You must complete the  3rd attempt petition form  , follow ALL instructions and submit this form using your FAU email address.

Be mindful of the deadlines for submitting the petition each semester.

I have passed part of my class and need to repeat only the lab (or only the lecture), what do I do?
You can discuss the repeated class with your advisor who can unlink the lecture/lab to allow you to enroll in the part that you need or, if your appointment cannot be scheduled in time for class registration, you can submit an  Unlink Request  online.
I am a non-degree seeking student and need permission to take a CoS class that has prerequisites. What should I do?
Submit an online  Permit Request  . Requests are addressed within 24-48 hours.
I am a CoS student and my course has restrictions or prerequisites, what do I do?

Click on the course title to review the course prerequisites, corequisites and restrictions. 

If the course is from another college, as is the case with many concentration electives under the Health Science major, you must contact the course instructor or appropriate college for permission.

If the course is a CoS course, you can discuss the error message with your advisor or submit the  Permit/Unlink Request  to see if permission is possible.

I am interested in pursuing research with a CoS faculty member, what do I do?

The  Office of Undergraduate Research & Inquiry  offers a great deal of information to assist students in discovering how to find DIR opportunities.

Contact faculty directly, you can review their research by visiting the appropriate departmental website and reading the faculty member’s bio.  Read their published articles to familiarize yourself with their research prior to reaching out.

Reach out several months prior to registration as faculty members have limited availability within most labs.

Some majors have a limited number of DIR credits that can be applied toward major electives. Consult with your advisor before applying for any DIR credits.

I am interested in pursuing an internship for college credit, what do I do?

Consult with your advisor as internships range from 0-4 credits.  Your advisor can guide you on the appropriate number of credits to request.

In your  Success Network  you will find contact information for  Kelly Nielsen   , the CoS career advisor or email her directly at Contact Kelly for guidance on the approval process for internships.

Why do I need to take a foreign language?
What if I already speak another language in addition to English?
What do I need to do to satisfy the Civic Literacy requirement?
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