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Undergraduate Programs

The Charles E. Schmidt College of Science at Florida Atlantic University offers undergraduate students the opportunity to work with accomplished faculty and engage in hands-on research. The College awards the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in biology, chemistry, exercise science, geosciences, math, physics, and psychology. BA programs have greater elective breadth with less specialization than BS programs. BS programs meet the requirements of professional science organizations and provide more intensive training required for graduate work. Some degrees offer an emphasis for more in-depth study of special topics. Highly motivated and prepared students in biology and mathematics can earn BS and Master of Science (MS) degrees in 5 years of study with an accelerated program. Click on the department below to view specific details for each degree.

Biology (BA, BS, BS/MS Fast Track)

Chemistry and Biochemistry (BA, BS)

Exercise Science and Health Promotion (BS)

Geosciences  (BA/BS)

Health Science (BA)


Neuroscience & Behavior  (BS)

Physics  (BA, BS)

Psychology  (BA, BS)

Urban and Regional Planning  (BA  Urban Design and  BA   Regional Planning)

Pre-Health Professions Office

Pre-Health Academic Pathways

The primary mission of the Schmidt College of Science's Pre-Health Professions Office is to be a source of support and guidance for degree-seeking FAU undergraduate & graduate students, post­ baccalaureates and alumni interested in pursuing careers in the health professions field. The area of interest includes medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physician assistant, pharmacy, podiatry, optometry, physical and occupational therapy.

At FAU, "Pre-med, Pre-vet, and pre-dentistry", etc. are not designated, majors. Students can select any major of interest and aptitude. Most of the undergraduates at FAU tend to focus on the sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, and Neuroscience. However, all majors are options for pre­ health professions. Whatever the choice of major, pre-health students should focus on a strong academic GPA and completing the required prerequisite for their specific health professions program. Keep in mind, health professional programs are looking for candidates who are well rounded, show evidence of critical thinking skills, and empathetic to real-world issues and diversity.

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The Charles E. Schmidt College of Science offers unparalleled experiential learning opportunities to prepare the next generation of scientists and problem solvers.
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