Undergraduate students are encouraged to use degree audit (DARS) to track their academic progress toward degree completion each semester and to discuss their anticipated graduation date with their advisor. Transfer students should also use DARS to confirm how their transferred courses fulfill degree requirements and speak to their advisors if they have any questions.


Application for degree should be submitted to your advising office no later than your final semester.


Application for Degree Deadlines



Fall 2018 Ceremony:  

September 7

Spring 2019 Ceremony:  

January 25

Summer 2019 Ceremony:  

May 31

  • Late Applications

    Late applications will be accepted and may participate in the ceremony, however, please keep in mind that:
    1. A late application may result in your name not be included in the Commencement Brochure.
    2. Late applicants are not guaranteed guest tickets to the ceremony.
    3. A late application form needs to be submitted with the application for degree.
    4. Late applicants planning to attend the ceremony should review cap & gown deadlines

  • Students who have a "Non-Release of Directory Information" form on file will also be excluded from the Commencement Brochure unless written consent is received by the Registrar's Office at least 6 weeks prior to the ceremony.

  • Diplomas will be mailed out approximately 8 - 10 weeks after graduation.
    An email confirmation will be sent to the graduate's FAU email account once the diploma has been mailed.


If you have any questions concerning Commencement or if you change your plans concerning your participation in the Commencement Ceremony, please contact the Registrar's office at 561- 297-3050 prompt #5 or send an email to
 Last Modified 8/17/18