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Signature Programs 

Soar-in-Four Scholars 

This is a unique and highly customized program that provides participants with professional, hands-on support and personalized attention as students advance towards their bachelor's degree within four years of their initial freshman enrollment. The program fosters a very supportive and collaborative environment that will enhance the success of our students at FAU and beyond. Learn more.  

Soar-in-Four Medical School Pathway Program 

The Schmidt College of Science and Schmidt College of Medicine collaboratively offer a pathway program for outstanding Schmidt College of Science Soar-in-4 Scholars. Students admitted into this highly selective program are offered conditional admission to the Schmidt College of Medicine provided they maintain the required program standards. Learn more

Undergraduate Research 

Home to the most undergraduate researchers of any college at the University, the Schmidt College of Science works closely with the FAU Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) to encourage undergraduate student research. Our undergraduate student scientists get funded, published, recognized, and are involved with research, scholarship, and creative activities. OURI serves as a centralized support office for students and faculty who are engaged in undergraduate research and inquiry. OURI offers university-wide programs such as undergraduate research grants, the annual undergraduate research symposium, and the undergraduate research journal. 

Learn more about OURI.

Learn more on our Undergraduate Research Opportunities web page.

Pre-Health Professions Office  

The Schmidt College of Science Pre-Health Professions Office is a source of support and guidance for all Florida Atlantic students, including all undergraduate majors, post-baccalaureate students, and alumni interested in pursuing careers in the health professions. Students benefit from learning opportunities through clinical experiences, community service, scientific inquiry and research, as well as campus involvement. Numerous academic pathways are available to students seeking a career in health. A “traditional” pre-health pathway is offered for freshmen and transfer students seeking a bachelor’s degree and who plan to apply to professional school. A post-baccalaureate medical pathway program is also offered for students that have already earned a bachelor’s degree. Learn more.  

Honors in the Major 

Enhanced learning experiences are provided to high-performing students throughout the College with honors in the major. 

Combined Degrees (Bachelor’s to Master’s) 

There are many paths to earning a graduate degree at FAU, including a combined bachelor’s to master’s degree program, offered throughout the College. Combined bachelor’s to master’s degrees allow you to take graduate courses in your senior year that count towards your master’s degree. In some areas you can earn a master’s degree in only one year. Apply for a combined bachelor's to master's degree program. Learn more.  

Master’s Along the Way 

Did you know you can earn a master’s “along the way” (MALW) to your doctorate in select graduate programs? Typically, the MALW option is available to doctoral students that were admitted directly from a bachelor's degree, that have not already earned a master's degree. If you are currently enrolled in a doctoral program at FAU, speak to your academic advisor to see if a master’s along the way is an option for you. Learn more.  

Jumpstart Postdoctoral Program 

The Jumpstart Postdoctoral Program launched in Fall 2022, with the aim of “jumpstarting” new multidisciplinary research collaborations between faculty and postdoctoral associates to solve some of today’s complex societal challenges. The first cohort of postdocs from this program were announced in Spring 2023. Each postdoctoral scholar will receive a salary following the NIH postdoc scale, with benefits, and $5,000 per year for research supplies and research-related travel. Learn more.  

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