All spaces within any vivarium – either housing or procedural rooms – are shared spaces. This makes it necessary to schedule access in advance since it is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Unless it is a low frequented area, this applies to brief usages as well. Spaces/equipment to be reserved include cage changing stations in housing rooms, procedure rooms including behavioral testing areas, surgical rooms and surgical equipment, and necropsy rooms.

Please be aware that cage changing stations will be continuously booked Monday through Thursday for cage changing by CM Lab Animal Technicians. The time(s) are depending on the particular room, workday, and of course census. Those times are posted either on the entrance of the vivarium, the specific room door, and/or communicated to each research laboratory via electronic means. CM staff will assure consistency in cage changing times as much as humanly possible. We will also work with researchers to accommodate your schedules. If changes in schedule will be necessary due to your study aspects find CM management to discuss. Please be aware of those cage changing schedules to not interrupt our LATs. These times are set forth for improved efficiency but also to limit the time your study subjects will be disturbed.  

Service fees to use specific space and equipment might apply. Please find the service fee table at  service fee table.