Research with animal models is still a key to many medical advances, both for humans as well as for animals. Although scientists are looking constantly for alternatives and have replaced several testing paradigms with in vitro methods, animal research cannot be entirely replaced now or even in the near future. Therefore, it is imperative to treat the animals enrolled in studies humanely and a large part of this responsible treatment occurs by having well trained animal care and research personnel. To treat the animals enrolled in studies humanely, it is imperative that animal care and research personnel receive training. Proper training reduces stress for animals caused by handling, restraint, husbandry, experimental procedures, and lessening pain.

As per federal regulations, the Institution is responsible for the training of all personnel working with animals in research, teaching, and testing. FAU’s IACUC has developed a comprehensive training program for all new personnel, which you can find here.

Comparative Medicine’s veterinarians, training coordinator, and other skilled staff are here to provide additional training beyond the initial ones required by the IACUC. If you have any new technique you want to implement but are not experienced performing or have any trouble with already well-established techniques please send an email to or contact the training coordinator or veterinarians directly.

Please explore the training material posted on this website, which are envisioned as a supplement, introduction, or refresher of the hands-on training offered.