Shipping Import / Export of Animals

The shipment of animals to (i.e. export) or from (i.e. import) other institutions must be requested through VSATS and approved by the Director, Veterinary Care. Please follow this link for a quick overview of the process for Import and Export.

Customer service staff of CM will communicate with the contact of the other institution. Please be aware that due to several parties involved in the communication and depending on the responsiveness of the other institution both imports and exports usually take several months of preparation before animals can finally be shipped. International export will in addition, have several other hurdles to pass such as export control measures and signatures of regulatory agencies.

Costs associated with shipments include but are not limited to:

  1. Transportation courier charges
  2. Cost of testing
  3. Per diems
  4. Administrative fees
  5. Technician time – includes the following but different items might apply depending on export versus import
    1. email communications
    2. sample collection and shipment to commercial laboratory for health testing
    3. unpacking of animals
    4. preparation of shipping crates
    5. update of VSATS database

Researchers are responsible for all costs associated with animal import/export. Please check also Service Fees.

Animals imported from non-approved vendors must undergo a quarantine period at FAU prior to release into the general colony. Rodents in quarantine are not accessible for experimentation or breeding.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) may be applicable to any import or export. Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs to start the process ( as completion of an MTA may be required prior to shipment approvals.