Animal Research Facilities

The animal care and use program at Florida Atlantic University is centralized and consists of the IACUC, the Research Community, Comparative Medicine and administrative support units. Comparative Medicine is directed by a full time veterinarian, trained in laboratory animal medicine and board certified by the American College for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM).

FAU’s Attending Veterinarian and Assistant VP for Research, Comparative Medicine is supported by the Director, Veterinary Care (DVM, Diplomate ACLAM) who is also trained in veterinary pathology; a part-time Clinical Veterinarian specialized in marine/wildlife species and a part-time Veterinary Technician. The Training Coordinator fulfills the federal mandate of training all personnel participating in handling, care and experimentation involving animal models. In addition, the animal care program employs a Certified Manager of Animal Resources supervising six (6) Laboratory Animal Technicians certified by AALAS and several student workers. They take care of the daily operations in the different facilities.

Health assessment is performed and documented for all animals, 7 days per week. A comprehensive rodent health surveillance program for monitoring pathogenic agents and animal well-being is in place for the animal care program. FAU has an Animal Welfare Assurance on file with NIH-OLAW, (Assurance Number A3883-01). The FAU Animal Care and Use Program fully complies with the Animal Welfare Act, Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (The Guide), the Public Health Service Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (PHS Policy) and all state as well as local regulations.