Drugs / Supplies Request

Comparative Medicine has established POs with various vendors selling veterinary and human drugs and medical supplies. Legend drugs (i.e. prescription drugs) must be prescribed by a licensed health professional. In addition, federal regulations governing animal research require that any compound administered to a live animal must be of pharmaceutical grade unless not available as such (e.g. experimental compounds) or there is a valid scientific justification for any other reason.
Drugs and supplies need to be ordered through VSATS.

CM customer service staff will order the drugs/supplies as soon as possible and those usually arrive within a couple of days. Commonly used drugs might be in stock all the time. Allow sufficient time for those that must be ordered. Drugs/supplies will be billed at the actual price plus 15% service fee.

Be aware that no expired drugs may be used on any live animals either in a survival or non-survival procedure at any time unless specifically approved by the IACUC for a justified reason.