Security Access to Facilities

All personnel working with animals in an IACUC approved scientific research or teaching study and requiring access to animal housing facilities have to complete the initial IACUC required Animal Research Mandatory Training. This includes CITI on-line training (find full instructions on the Research Integrity website) and the attendance of the didactic session “Ethical Use of Animals, IACUC Function and the 3R’s.” You can sign up for the session through the training calendar.

The third and final step to acquire access to facilities is to meet and train with the facilities manager.

Please contact CM Facilities Manager to sign up for a facility tour.

  • Access will be granted via owl card key issued to one person, is non-transferable between individuals and may not be shared.
  • Lost card keys must be reported immediately to Comparative Medicine.
  • Failure to comply with these rules risks loss of privilege to have access to animal research facilities.
  • Guests of faculty conducting IACUC approved animal research may enter the animal research facilities at the discretion of the sponsoring faculty member, the Attending Veterinarian and the IACUC.

Please complete the Visitors in Animal Facilities and Research Areas Request Form.