M.D. Student Organizations

Medical students at the Schmidt College of Medicine participate in a variety of student organizations to develop leadership skills and enrich their academic experience.

FAU medical students taking group selfie outside of the Schmidt College of Medicine building in Boca Raton, FL

Student Council

The Student Council represents the medical student body and liaises between students and administration, promoting effective medical education. The Council hosts events, works towards positive change, and ensures students' voices are heard.

  • President: Josh Sohmer
  • Vice President: Edwin Mouhawasse

Special Interest Organizations

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AI in Healthcare

We are a group of students interested in learning about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change Healthcare. We explore opportunities for medical students at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare. Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. AI is poised to change all aspects of healthcare by working with physicians and reaching out to patients in innovative ways. We bring experts in the field to discuss AI in Healthcare, host events for club members to engage with AI, advertise research/opportunities for students to work with AI in healthcare, and keep up with novel advances at the intersection of AI and healthcare.

  • President: Amit Sagar


The mission of the Anesthesiology Interest Group is to help educate the students of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine in the field of anesthesiology, chronic pain management, and anesthesia-related procedures. Our goal is to foster a greater interest in anesthesiology and to provide opportunities for specialized education to translate medical knowledge into anesthesia-related skills. We would like to expand our medical education in this specialty to better address the communities that we serve and to be able to thoroughly explore our interests in anesthesiology.

  • President: David Montoya

Brain Interest

The Brain Interest Group was established for the purpose of bringing together students who share a common fascination for neuroscience and the nervous system, and interest in pursuing residencies in neurology, neurosurgery, or psychiatry. The Brain Interest Group encompasses the American Academy of Neurology’s Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Chapter, which allows students to explore their passion for neuroscience and clinical neurology, specifically.

  • President: Steven Faragalla
  • Vice President: Abbi Shrontz

Business in Medicine

Business in Medicine is a student organization that helps medical students understand the business and private practice management side of being a healthcare professional. Our sessions focus on topics such as how to manage student loans and debt, how to start a private practice, how to manage a private practice, and the differences between hospitals, group, and private employment. The goal of this organization is to allow students to understand the business side of medicine and give sessions that give a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a working physician after they have become full attending doctors. Our sessions aim to help students understand the different avenues of work that are available to them as doctors and the pros/cons to each one.

  • President: Yash Nagpal
  • Vice President: Shannon Gallup

Cardiology Interest Group

Cardiology Interest Group is established to promote interest and knowledge about the specialty of cardiology in the medical field. We hope to provide our members with insight into the practices, procedures and lifestyles associated with cardiology and the different subspecialties within cardiology.

  • President: Yash Nagpal
  • Vice President: Meghana Dumpa

Dermatology Interest Group

Dermatology Interest Group, also known as the "Skin Squad" is established for the purpose of bringing medical students together who share a common interest in the field of dermatology and related dermatological specialties. We will discuss the latest research and technological developments in the field of dermatology, dermatological surgery, and plastic surgery. We aspire to learn from and collaborate with the South Florida dermatology community by hosting medical professionals in each field as guest speakers and organizing community events that turn theory into practice! We also serve as advocates for public health issues related to dermatology, such as the importance of sunscreen use and skin cancer screenings (especially living in South Florida).

  • President: Benjamin Lack
  • Vice President: David Montoya

Disability Interest Group

The Disabilities Interest Group is dedicated to raising awareness about the unique challenges faced by individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities in the medical field. We're dedicated to fostering understanding among medical students by sharing real-life experiences from both patients and physicians and through interactive simulation activities. Additionally, we offer volunteer opportunities to support people with disabilities in our community.

  • President: Bella Obijo
  • Vice President: Sophie Kelly

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) is dedicated to exposing our student body to all facets of EM. Perks of being involved with EMIG include hands-on experience with our EM faculty, such as joining SIM Center Skills Labs run by current EM residents (including suture training, intubations, and Ultrasound stations). Additional example events involve shadowing resident training sessions (i.e., assisting residents practice running codes), Q&A Panels featuring post-match MS4’s or EM residents, and public health advocacy events.

  • President: Esin Bulut
  • Vice President: Ryan Mohler

Endocrinology Interest Group

The mission of the Endocrinology Interest Group is to help educate the students of the Schmidt College of Medicine in the field of Endocrinology and the subspecialties within it. Our goal is to foster a greater interest in Endocrinology and to provide opportunities for students to learn more about the wide array of topics, diseases, and procedures that are performed within the field. We would like to expand our medical education in this specialty to better address the communities that we serve and to be able to thoroughly explore our interests in Endocrinology.

ENT/ Otolaryngology Interest Group

The Otolaryngology (ENT) Surgery Interest Group has been recently established at FAUCOM in the wake of the growing interest in the specialty. We aim to increase student exposure to surgical subspecialties within the field of ENT. This club is specifically designed to provide medical students with experience related to ENT including anatomy and pathology lecturer series, research opportunities, residency match advice and much more!

  • President: Diana Lobaina
  • Vice President: Pranav Meka

Family Medicine Interest Group

Family Medicine Interest Group meeting outside the Schmidt College of Medicine building

FMIG is focused on providing a space for students to explore all aspects of family medicine. We strive to get involved in community service and mentoring activities, and to help students navigate their interests within primary care. We hope to provide a network of peers and faculty that can work together to grow both professionally and personally while developing clinical skills.

  • President: Phoebe Gallagher
  • Vice President: Kristen Sibson

Hematology Oncology Club

The Heme/Onc club aims to provide students with experiences that will help them get more exposure to the fields of Hematology and Oncology. This is achieved through guest physician presentations, literature discussions, and coordination of different research opportunities, helping them establish an interest and passion for the advancement of these exciting fields.

  • President: Kyler Brinton
  • Vice President: Kate Anderson


The Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Enthusiast (IMAGE) interest group seeks to offer opportunities, such as workshops and guest lectures, to those who simply want to learn more about the field and its various career paths. For example, this past year, we have broadened the already amazing relationship we have with the FAU Internal Medicine department by hosting multiple events with their residents. We have more exciting events in the works and would love to have any of you with us!

  • President: Madison Tharp
  • Vice President: Sara Burgoa

Medical Specialties Committee

The purpose of this organization is to introduce students to various specialties (such as Radiology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, Ob/Gyn, and more) within the medical field that may not be represented by a specific interest group. We provide members opportunities to explore their interests.

  • President: Joshua Sohmer
  • Vice President: Lindsay Bean

Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group

Ob/Gyn Interest Group is established to educate students in the College of Medicine about the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and various related subspecialties and bring awareness to the health issues unique to females. We also seek to educate our members that patients seeking gynecologic care may not identify as women, and to create socially conscious physicians.

  • President: Yasmine Zerrouki
  • Vice President: Shaima Arshad

Ophthalmology Interest Group

The Ophthalmology Interest Group seeks to educate and recruit the next generation of ophthalmologists from the FAU College of Medicine. We have a unique offering of activities and opportunities for medical students. Currently, we operate our own independent medical journal, FAU Eyes, where students can publish articles on all topics ophthalmology. In addition, we are active on Instagram (@OwlEyesFAU) where we spotlight interesting case reports and the achievements of our students. We specialize in setting students up with local ophthalmologists for shadowing, mentorship, and participation in research projects. Welcome to our club!

  • President: Ross Mellman
  • Vice President: Gabrielle Ferguson

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group

The Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group seeks to teach students about the field of orthopedic surgery and grow interest in the specialty. Events include guest speakers and hands-on workshops such as suturing tutorials. The Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group also provides an opportunity to interact and connect with students at various stages of their medical training who share an interest in orthopedics.

  • President: Chris Haff
  • Vice President: Ben Lack

Pediatric Interest Group

Pediatric Interest Group at mobile blood drive

Pediatrics Interest Group at FAU COM strives to help the community and children in South Florida. We participate in activities like toy drives, diaper drives, and blood drives for donations at different organizations and hospitals. In addition, we have several guest speakers a semester to have candid Q&A’s about a career in pediatric medicine. We are always planning new, fun activities and all are welcome!

  • President: Kristen Sibson
  • Vice President: Michelle Faliv

Plastic Surgery Interest Group

The mission of the Plastic Surgery Interest Group is to help educate the students of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine in the field of plastic surgery, reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, and other surgical skills. Our goal is to foster a greater interest in plastic surgery and to provide opportunities for specialized education to translate medical knowledge into surgical skills. We would like to expand our medical education in this specialty to better address the communities that we serve and to be able to thoroughly explore our interests in plastic surgery.

  • President: Elijah Moothedan
  • Vice President: Sophie Kelly

Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group (RIG) is dedicated to cultivating students’ interest in diagnostic and interventional radiology. We host interactive case discussion sessions, collaborative imaging workshops with other student organizations, and have career advice sessions. In the past, we’ve hosted talks on interpreting body and brain images, and professional sessions on the business of radiology.

  • President: Justin Xie
  • Vice President: Maria Gerges

Sports Medicine Interest

The purpose of the Sports Medicine Interest Group at the Schmidt College of Medicine is to provide aspiring physicians with an opportunity to learn about the sports medicine subspecialty. Through this organization, students will have the opportunity to attend talks on sports-related injuries, presented by physicians from both surgical and non-surgical specialties. This organization also hopes to provide students with the opportunity to work with patients who have sustained an injury during a sporting event. Lastly, the organization intends to develop students’ interprofessional competencies by exposing them to work from other fields that are integrally tied to sports medicine, such as human kinesiology and biomechanics.

  • President: Emma Eng
  • Vice President: Abbi Shrontz

Surgery Interest Group

The Surgery Interest Group’s mission is to create and cultivate interest in the field of surgery at the College of Medicine. Our club focuses on general surgery as well as surgical subspecialties. The Surgery Interest Group provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded students and faculty who share an interest in surgery.

  • President: Justin Childers
  • Vice President: Tomas Swickley

The Cytokines

The Schmidt College of Medicine House Band.

  • Isabel Snow
  • Taylor Fistel

Threshold Choir

Threshold Choir sings with and for all people. We know that music has the potential to be a healing power and can be an instrument for peace and justice. We are committed to creating a harmonious culture of inclusivity, respect, and love. We affirm the beauty, dignity, and wholeness of all people and believe that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness from their first to their last breath. Threshold Choir brings songs of comfort to the dying.

  • Taylor Fistel
  • Sinjana Kolipaka

Wilderness Medicine Interest Group

The purpose of this organization is to promote awareness, education, and training about the unique challenges and medical considerations in a wilderness, disaster, or otherwise limited resource setting. We host lectures, workshops, and simulations while helping members to pursue individual interests that fall under the broad umbrella of wilderness medicine.

  • President: Sebastian Densley
  • Vice President: Tomas Swickley

Affinity, Advocacy and Service Organizations

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American Medical Association

The CESCOM chapter of the American Medical Association and Florida Medical Association is a place for physicians and physicians-in-training to discuss and get involved in local, state, and national topics relating to the practice of medicine and the field of medicine as a whole. This includes current research, studies, laws (namely healthcare reform), practice guidelines, new treatments, and much more. Our chapter of this national organization aims to create multifaceted physicians as we delve into organized medicine in our journeys to become advocates and stewards of health, community, policy, justice and education.

  • President: Yash Nagpal
  • Vice President: Julianne Baker

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

FAU's local medical chapter of the American Medical Student Association: a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. We seek to prepare, train, and embolden medical students to become leaders of tomorrow by focusing on key issues of today. We also work with the undergraduate chapter and help organize the bi-annual blood drive with the Pediatrics Interest Group.

  • President: Preet Kumar
  • Vice President: Justin Childers

American Medical Women’s Association

Graduate and professional chapter of American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) at FAU. Our mission is to advocate for women in medicine and improve women’s health.

  • President: Shannon Gallup
  • Vice President: Kristen Sibson

Arts in Medicine

Arts in Medicine exists to provide medical students with an outlet for creative self-expression. We operate a student-run, medical humanities magazine called The Pulse. In our magazine, we have published several poems, short stories, opinion articles, works of art from students of differing backgrounds and beliefs. Our student organization is also home to the official medical school band, The Cytokines, who perform in several concerts yearly. We also plan and host several important events, including the Spring Talent Show and charity days where we create artwork and cards to send to local nursing homes. We are open to publishing and funding any and all forms art and writing—and we are always considerate of new ideas.

  • President: Ashlee Lei
  • Vice President: Kathryn Lotharius

Bridge to Medicine & Pathways

First year medical students may apply to be a Pathway Programs Medical Student Leader, and those selected conduct patient simulations, labs, and college prep workshops for our 6th - 12th grade participating students. Responsibilities include creation, coordination and execution of educational enrichment, exposure and access, and mentoring components of our opportunity programs. The leadership role allows medical students to further hone interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills while giving back to young students in our community.

  • Justin Xie - Director of Mentorship
  • Tomas Swickley and Rishi Bandi - Director of Anatomy Lab
  • Katherine Anderson - Director of Bridge to Medicine
  • Madison Tharp - Director of SIM Center

Competency in Medical Spanish

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide the students of FAU the means with which to gain competency in medical Spanish in order to effectively serve their community and become leaders within the community fostering trust and confidence. We hold events where we discuss the basics of Spanish language (with games like Simon Says), cultures, traditions, gastronomy, and other nuances. We also train students to conduct a proper history and physical exam on patients, and offer volunteer opportunities in the community to put the skills to practice.

  • President: Diana Lobaina
  • Vice President: David Montoya

Global Health Interest Group

The Global Health Interest Group aims to promote the health of underserved populations both locally and abroad through education, discussion, and engagement events in our surrounding area. We host events throughout the year to encourage students and the greater FAU community to engage in discussions regarding health access, disparity, and equity. We also aim to organize health “mission” outreach trips through established organizations to various populations in other countries that otherwise would not have any access for basic healthcare in their current situation.

  • President: Ritesh Chandrasekaran
  • Vice President: Yasmine Zerrouki

Jewish Association of Health Medical Students

The Jewish Association of Medical Students is dedicated to educating students on Judaism and its relationship to medicine.

  • President: Michelle Faliv
  • Vice President: Mia Glickman

Medical Student Pride Alliance

The mission of the Medical Student Pride Alliance group is to help educate the students at the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine on local and national LGBTQ+ health issues, as well as health issues concerning other minority groups: people of color, women, and those with disabilities. It is our goal to advocate for the rights of these communities in healthcare, and increase collaboration and empowerment for all gender, cultural, and sexual minorities. We would like to expand our medical education in this area to better address the communities that we serve and to teach all future physicians the basics of humanistic care.

  • President: Diana Lobaina
  • Vice President: Emma Eng

Medical Students for Choice

Medical students for choice (MSFC) is a national organization founded in response to the lack of abortion education in medical schools. It is dedicated to training future physicians on all facets of reproductive healthcare, including but not limited to family planning, contraceptives, and abortion. Our newly created chapter aims to bring in guest speakers, host contraceptive training events, form a collaboration with Planned Parenthood, and establish a state-wide collaboration between the Florida MSFC chapters.

  • Treasurer: Ryan Mohler
  • Secretary: Esin Bulut

Operation Smile

The purpose of our organization is to raise awareness and funds to deliver safe surgery to children with cleft lip and cleft palate. We also plan on inviting speakers from different medical specialties including but not limited to Otorhinolaryngology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Pediatrics, and dentistry.

Owl Ambassadors

Owl Ambassadors, we are dedicated first- and second-year medical students who are part of the Admissions Office team, and we help to coordinate events for prospective students. We share the College of Medicine’s goal of attracting the best students possible to join our next class.

Pickleball Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote pickleball at the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine and promote school spirit, good sportsmanship, and good fellowship amongst all participants.

Public Health and Advocacy

The Public Health & Advocacy Club is an alliance of medical students working together to empower our community through education and collaboration that helps drive legislative change. We believe medical students have an essential responsibility to educate ourselves on legislative advocacy, and our club’s goal is to facilitate that for students. We look to the opioid epidemic, gun violence, COVID-19, immigrant health, and other public health crises as areas in which we can help effect positive change.

  • President: Sara Burgoa
  • Vice President: Steven Faragalla

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) at the Schmidt College of Medicine is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within the College of Medicine, addressing the health needs of underserved communities and communities of color, and fostering professional mentorship opportunities for our members.

  • President: Ade Marciniak
  • Vice President: Goodness Okwaraji

Student Wellness

The mission of Student Health and Wellness is to promote a wellness-centered, holistic approach to medical student success. We strive to cultivate a culture that prioritizes exercise, nutrition, and stress-management within the College of Medicine. We hope to achieve this by hosting events, such as exercise competitions, holiday activities, and educational lectures.

  • President: Vama Jhumkhawala
  • Vice President: Olivia Hooks

Class Councils

Class of 2026

  • President: Joshua Sohmer
  • Vice President: Edwin Mouhawasse

Class of 2025

  • President: Cachae Alford
  • Vice President: Camryn Marshall

Class of 2024

  • President: Payton Yerke
  • Vice President: Sean Griffin

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