Student Advising and Mentoring

Academic Societies and the Physician Development Coaching Program

Upon matriculation to the FAU Schmidt College of Medicine, students are assigned to one of two academic societies led by Society Deans. The primary roles of the Society Deans are to develop individualized career planning and development with each student utilizing the AAMC Careers in Medicine program and to serve as a resource for all College of Medicine policies and procedures. Through academic societies and learning communities, the FAU Schmidt College of Medicine enhances learning related to student development as medical or healthcare professionals through the Physician Development Coaching Program. It is essential that students begin to explore the concept of professional identity formation at the start of medical school with the guidance of faculty, who understand the developmental stages of medical students, to build an appropriate framework of the medical profession and skill set related to functioning within the healthcare environment for future success.

The Physician Development Coaching Program is overseen and led by four physician faculty who serve as longitudinal Academic Society Coaches. Each academic society coach is responsible for oversight and leadership of two student learning communities and works collaboratively to foster student professional development by specifically addressing metacognition and reasoning, ethics, service, and leadership, as well as knowledge and understanding of the broader healthcare environment.


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