Research Distinction Track Mentor List

Listing of our Research Distinction Track faculty mentor activities and fields of research.
Faculty Mentor Type of Activities Field of Research
Andrea Cippitelli, Ph.D. Basic Science Behavioral Pharmacology
Charles Hennekens, M.D. Clinical Preventive Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, Epidemiology
Dawei Li, Ph.D. Basic Science Bioinformatics and Genomics
Joseph Ouslander, M.D. Clinical Geriatrics
Janet Robishaw, Ph.D. Basic Science Genomics, Precision Medicine
Jang-Yen Wu, Ph.D. Basic Science / Translational Research Neuroscience, Neurological Disorders
Rainald Schmidt-Kastner, M.D. Basic Science Neuroscience
Scott Alter, M.D. Clinical Emergency Medicine
Lawrence Toll, Ph.D. Basic Science Neuropharmacology
Ceylan Isgor, Ph.D. Basic Science Neuroscience
Jianning Wei, Ph.D. Basic Science Neuroscience
Patrick Grant, Ph.D. Basic Science Molecular Biology and Genetics
Claudia Rodrigues, Ph.D. Basic Science Vascular Biology
Julie Pilitsis, M.D. Clinical Neurosurgery
Xupei Huang, Ph.D. Basic Science Cardiophysiology
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