Research Frequently Asked Questions

Research at an External Institution

I am participating in research at an external institution. My external mentor is adding me to their IRB protocol and has asked, should they add FAU as an external site?
No, the student is participating as an individual and not as a representative or employee of FAU. In addition, the research is not taking place at FAU so they should not add FAU as an external site.
A student is participating in research at an external institution. The student will perform data analysis and interpretation. As the data to be analyzed includes protected health information (PHI), the external institution has asked, will FAU sign a reliance agreement?
FAU does not typically sign reliance agreements for students working on research projects outside of FAU. Hopefully the institution will still allow the student to participate in the research, but perhaps they are prevented from accessing the PHI.
I am participating in research at an external institution and they are asking for a certificate of liability insurance, how can I request that?

Please email the details of your research assignment to Medical students may be asked to complete an Extra-Curricular Student Activity (ECSA) form.

Professional liability (medical) protection is available in an amount of up to $1,000,000 per occurrence for FAU Medical Students* when they are not subject to individual immunity under Florida law (Fla. Stat. § 768.28(9)) and when participating in the College of Medicine pre-approved extra-curricular activity (i.e., non-practicum activity) involving the delivery of Professional Health Care Services to patients (e.g., clinical, shadowing, research). In order to obtain this protection, and if requested by the hosting facility, students are required to complete and submit for consideration and approval an Extra-Curricular Student Activity (ECSA) form in advance of the activity.

Requests must be submitted at least ten days prior to the research start date.  Once your ECSA Form has been approved, the Office of Student Affairs will provide FAU’s certificate of liability insurance.

I am participating in research at an external institution and they are asking for a letter of good standing and/or an attestation letter that I have completed the necessary requirements (background checks/vaccinations), how can I request that?
Email  to request a letter of good standing and/or an attestation letter. Please make sure you include the specific request from the institution along with the details of your research assignment.

Mentor-Mentee Agreement

Does the College of Medicine have a Mentor-Mentee agreement that students can use when working with faculty or affiliate faculty on research?
Yes, we have a mentor-mentee agreement and encourage use of it for students working on various mentored-research activities. Ewa P. Wojcikiewicz, Ph.D.  in the COM Office of Research can provide the mentor-mentee agreement.

Student Research Funding

Does FAU or the College of Medicine have funding available for students, for research-related needs such as statistical analysis, conference travel, or publication costs?

 No, the College of Medicine does not currently provide student funding. Always consult with your mentor about research plans before taking action as they may be aware of both internal and/or external resources and opportunities depending on your research specifics. 

The  FAU Graduate Professional Student Association (GPSA)  provides limited funding for conference travel.  Medical Students can submit a ‘Graduate Student Travel Application’ through  Owl Central. 

  1. Search: FAU Owl Central- Click on 1ST  Result   /
  2. Click on Organizations
  3. Click on: “Activity and Service, Accounting and Budget Office (ASAB)”
  4. Scroll down and look for “FORMS"
  5. Click on “Graduate Student Travel Application”
  6. Review application requirements and submit form.

Funds will be given to eligible students on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you have additional questions, please email

Medical students must receive prior permission to miss curricular activities. If you think you might miss class, submit an absence request once you get a tentative schedule.

Selecting a Journal for Manuscript Submission

How can I find a journal to submit my manuscript?

Review the citations of the papers you have read in your research area and discuss them with your faculty research mentor.

You may also use a  manuscript matching search tool. The  Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)  is also a useful resource. 

Once you identify a few potential journals, review the journal websites (author section for the scope of the journal, journal audience, type of papers journal accepts, peer-review process, the timeline from submission to review, submission or publication costs, etc.), and  determine journal quality.

You may also consult with the  medical librarians.

Available Software

Is there reference management software available to students?

Yes, there are a few options available. Reference management software helps you by electronically collecting, storing, formatting and citing references while you write your manuscript.

For more information visit the Medical Library Reference Management webpage.

Is there any statistical software available to students?

Yes, SPSS is available for free to all FAU faculty and students. The site license is renewed annually (July) and will require a new authorization code.

FAU Office of Information Technology (OIT) also provides access to other software from the  FAU virtual apps site.

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