Research Distinction Track

The Research Distinction Track (RDT) is a parallel curriculum and enrichment program directed towards medical students who elect to make a sustained commitment to research including education and mentored research. Students must participate in a research program over their four years of medical school and meet program benchmarks for high achievement in research by demonstrating substantial independent responsibility for the formulation of a hypothesis, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of one or more mentored research projects.


The goal of this program is for students to learn and apply the research process, above the expectations for the MD degree, from critical literature review to scholarly dissemination.  This track will enhance the medical school experience and benefit students who anticipate pursuing specialties and/or academic careers that require an emphasis on clinical practice and/or research. The RDT provides an opportunity for students to be formally recognized for their substantial and sustained research training and experience. This experience will include mentored research, participation in research activities (e.g. research seminars, lab meetings, journal clubs, conferences), online research training course, and dissemination (oral presentations, first-authored publication). Acknowledgement of track participation will be noted in the student's Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) Letter, contingent upon demonstration of acceptable progress towards program requirements. Successful completion of the RDT will be recognized by a “Distinction in Research” acknowledgement in the commencement program.

FAU students may consider this program as soon as they are accepted into medical school in order to take full advantage of the opportunities. Students may begin prerequisite activities during Year 1, but must formally apply to the RDT in January of their Year 2 year. Application submission does not guarantee acceptance into the RDT.  Students enrolled in a M.D./Ph.D. program are not eligible for this track. Students who are accepted into the RDT are permitted to “opt out” of the RDT in writing at any time during the program.

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