WHC Freshman Receives 2021 Brower Youth Award


by Bethany Alex | Monday, Nov 08, 2021
David Baldwin, a freshman in Wilkes Honors College at Jupiter campus, has recently been awarded a 2021 Brower Youth Award – a commendation recognizing outstanding emerging youth leaders who have proven strength in mobilizing environmental activist movements.
As a Brower Youth Award recipient, Baldwin is one of six across North America that is awarded a cash prize of $3,000 from the New Leaders Initiative of Earth Island Institute.
Baldwin created his elementary school outreach program based on research he conducted beginning in 2017 on invasive weed species – specifically the Caesar’s weed – its germination requirements, ideal conditions and ability to spread. As a result of his findings, Baldwin theorized that hands-on removal and prescribed burns are land-management practices fit to control the weed.   
At age 14, Baldwin became a member of Everglades Restoration Ambassadors, a nonprofit centered around environmental education, conservation and restoration of Florida’s unique ecology. With his continued membership to the organization, Baldwin then developed the environmental education modules that is celebrated with the 2021 Brower Youth Award.

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